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Topics - Rorke

so here i have a 2nd hand gtx 650 t.i boost 2GB of GDDR5

here is the stock settings:

frame rate target is set to 0

is there anyway i can overclock this card thats stable? without increasin the core voltage
8 years ago
ow would i obtain sprint anims from infinite warfare? ive had a look in wraith and found 0 sprint anims or is it just idk some sort of offsets combined with idle anim? ive noticed its got the bobbing effect when sprinting same as idle anim has anyone any ideas?
8 years ago
ive tried launching the mod launcher it fires up the raidiant button dosnt work when i go to create a new map it says no map templates i tried to launch radiant black starting image comes up for a few seconds ten closes and nothing after that ive tried launching the tools via the .bat file cmd comes up for half a second then goes away
8 years ago

  • Mediafire Download Link

  • NGcaudle is banned and asked me to upload this.

  • Die Festung has been in the making for a while, mainly because I have put it off a lot due to being busy. I decided to make sure it was playable and release it since bo3 mod tools just got released the other day.


  • Map Details:

  • Bo1, Bo2, And MW3 Weapons

  • Bo2 Knifing

  • WaW, Bo1, Custom Perk/Bo1 Style Perk Bottles    (No Perk Limit)

  • Origin Player Models/Viewhands/Hud

  • Kino Style Teleporter

  • Buyable Ending

  • Double Points Work On Drops

  • Bo3 Perk Point System (prone = 100)

  • Removed Dogs



  • Credits:

  • NGcaudle – Mapping/Model Porting/Custom Models

  • Rorke – Weapon porting/Player Viewhands

  • Harry Bo21 – Perks/Weapon

  • DidUknowiPwn – Hud

  • Steviewonder87 – Upgraded Weapon Camo

  • Tom BMX – Buyable Ending

  • Aidan – Kino Style Teleporter

  • Jr-Imagine – Perks



  • Thanks For Testing:

  • JZKitty

  • Rorke

  • Mentality_420
  • UPDATE: Map no longer needs T4M
8 years ago
what is CPU DIE? and whats acceptable temprature for it? mine reached 75c after a few hours on BF3
8 years ago
so i am thinking of buying one of these at the minite i have a factory standard CPU cooler is this one on ebay going to help to give me cooler CPU temps or not? if not what cooler would you suggest? please dont suggest watercooling 
8 years ago
ok so i put the pap machine in my map and all im getting is the hand icon same when power gets turned on ive reinstalled all waw's script's from mod tools and prefab's pap isnt working at all

Double Post Merge: July 14, 2016, 11:14:07 pm
i fixed it it appears i must have 1 perk machine and weapon box in my map for the pap to work...........3 years of modding and i didnt know that so much for my modding
8 years ago
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8 years ago
ok, so when i launch any map or mod i get unhandled exception caught every single time without fail but if i launch the map via cod 5 mod tools launcher it works how can i make it so i can launch a map from in game?

EDIT: i have fixed this issue its all fine
8 years ago
i have built a desktop (yes i game on a laptop time to upgrade to a desktop) but when i turn it on it bleeps with no display then turns itself off like ive just had a power cut ive checked the ram, CPU, HDD, fans are all connected but it bleeps i also get CMOS battery failure and CMOS error? dont know what that is i changed the battery which appears to have fixed it but not the bleeping
8 years ago


what you will need:
ninja ripper - google search (most of you will have it all ready)
rip to obj converter - google search (malware and or virus free)
Maya (or 3d modeling software that supports .OBJ)
crysis 1, 2 or 3 (or any game thats supports DX 11 or under but for the sake of this tutorial im doing crysis 3)

1, open ninja ripper
if you not sure what DX the game uses a quick google search will help
so in my case crysis 3 uses DX 10 so in ninja ripper i choose the "intruder option"
set the exe destination in ninja ripper "DIR:" is set automatically

2, once that is set up press the "Run" and the chosen game will launch
when the game is running wait till you are able to move around then hit the f7 and f8 keys
the game should freeze if it dont exit the game and try a different DX setting in ninja ripper

3, once you have done that close the game and go look for where it exported the models to (it will be in a folder called _ripper)
once you have located the location of the exported models open the _ripper folder it created
then inside that should be another folder open that then you should see 3 things:

4, open the Frames folder then open the Frame0000 folder and you SHOULD find all the models in a .RIP format
if you downloaded the riptoobj tool from the net this part is simple

5, grab a .rip file open riptoobj tool click on the brows button the find the location of the .RIP files again
select a rip file then click on open then in the destination box click on browse button and select your desired
location for the ripped asset (mine is set to downloads folder) then hit convert

6, it should say something like this then completed:
"Batch completed. 1 RIP files processed" if it dose then close the tool

7, go to the location you set for the output directory in the tool you just closed
(remember i said mine was downloads folder)

8, when found you will find a .obj file, .mtl file and maybe several images

9, now open your 3d modeling program that supports .OBJ files (i use Maya 2012)
if you are using Maya you might want to enable the OBJ plugin that gets shipped with Maya

10, go to file import then navigate to where you set for the output directory double click the obj file and Maya will open it
depending on what you choose depends on the model (i got some crappy gloves........-.-)

11, when you have the model you want (might take a while) feel free to edit it animate it or what ever you want to do with it
8 years ago
how do i change the position the the points tracker thing (where weapon name and ammo count is normally has a red blood decal behind it)
8 years ago
so i just started getting this error today for toms iwi viewer it worked before but not now?

anyone know of a fix or a work around?
8 years ago
what do i need to do to get different sound variants to work?

launcher is putting the file locations in root/raw/sound
but its not putting the sound files there





i have no idea what the fuck is wrong here
8 years ago
i do everything correctly but no custom texture in radiant after converting the material
9 years ago
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