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Topics - IceGrenade

Latest progress highlights of the custom zombies map I am developing
4 years ago

Adding Player Respawn Locations: Radiant Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Mod Tools Tutorial Series

This tutorial walks-through all that is needed to add player respawns into your custom black ops 3 zombies maps. This will allow you to enter the next round in a different location and improves overall gameplay on custom maps.

Get the prefab here:
4 years ago

Model & Texture Conjunction Packs: Radiant Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Mod Tools Tutorial Series

This video dives into detailing using texture and model packs. It also gives tips on how to make better looking building work and applying other detailing techniques to achieve a much improved mapping style. Included along the way are many other little tricks that will help you make better maps.

Not only is this tutorial for Black Ops 3 Radiant Black, it can also be applied to the Call of Duty World at War Radiant and also most other Radiant Editors.
4 years ago
Standard Version
Part 1: First Planning & Setup

Part 2: Building the Geo

Part 3: Geo | Prefabs | Clipping | HUD Icons | Testing

Part 3.1: Extended Part 3 Images | Testing

Part 4: Geo | Detail | Fonts | Testing | Images

Part 5: Playing the Standard Version

Hardcore Version
Part 6: Adding Obstacles | Adding Spawners

Part 7: Adding Dragon | Images | Testing | Upload

Part 8: Playing the Hardcore Version

4 years ago
We got very close on the last try but died due to taking risks haha.
4 years ago

Download Standard Version

Download Hardcore Version

Welcome to The Last Dragon. A map made during a marathon live development stream on YouTube for those who fancy a little challenge. Expect harder zombies and an interesting view. This time a little eastern spice! See if you can make it to the top of the Great Wall of China without dying!
Many Thanks to all who came to participate in the development streams! :D
If you are someone who likes more detail, big easter eggs, custom weapons, custom sounds, custom traps, custom Sq objectives... then you'll be pleased to know I am in the development stage of some far bigger projects. Including Goldeneye Remastered & A Horror Asylum. Follow the whole developments live on YouTube.

Gallery of Images
Hidden Text

Hardcore Version

Hidden Text
  • 13 Perks
  • Buildable Dragon Shield
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom Music (All Copyright-free)
  • Custom Shootable Egg Money
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Icons (Perk+Powerup+HUD)
  • Custom Zombie Eye Colour
  • Custom Zombie Models
  • Custom Weapons
  • Flying Dragon Animation
  • Respawn Network
  • Timed Gameplay
Hardcore Version Differences
The hardcore version contains a different fog colour, 15+ more spawners, more detailing, more blood, higher difficulty, less money rewards for the egg shootables, more doors to purchase, worser wall buy options, power is much further away from spawn, starting location for the mystery box is much further away from spawn and different hud icons.

Hidden Text
Follow the whole development of this map here
For Example: Part 1: First Planning & Setup

Learn to map, Custom Zombie Map Reviews:
Check out my livestreams:

Hidden Text

ICE ZM Mod Level + Credit Script + Shootable + Perk Fixes + Sounds
ZoekMeMaarHelping with ICE ZM Mod Level + CSV fixes + Script cleanup
SymboFlying Dragon Animation
ZeRoYVarious Script Work (Voxes) + Custom Zombies
ArdiveeDifficulty Setting + Voxes Setup
NatesmithzombiesCustom Powerups + Hitmarkers + Perk Change
ErthrockCustom Zombie Models + Some Guns
Jia909Custom Weapons
DTZXPorterWraith + Sound Alias Voxes
UGXBuyable Ending + Timed Gameplay
Frost IceforgeCustom Zombie Eye Colour
HarryBo21Origin Pack Guns + Dragon Shield Buildable + Respawn Points
iBounceBetterPrint Script
xSanchez78PERKSCustom Perks
WARDOGSK93Custom Perks
Please let me know if I missed anyone, will add right away if I have!

Leaderboards HH:MM:SS
Hidden Text
00:32:54 - IceGrenade, Karnage
00:36:33 - NoahJ456
To get on the leaderboards please link a video of your playthrough of the map and specify your name(s). Thanks.

Known Bugs
Hidden Text
See Change Comments for bugs/fixed bugs. If you find anymore bugs please let me know kindly. Much appreciated.
4 years ago

Here are some of the essential tools that everyone mapping should know of, if you don't then sit down with a nice cuppa for a little knowledge :)

Not only is this tutorial for Black Ops 3 Radiant Black, it can also be applied to the Call of Duty World at War Radiant and also most other Radiant Editors.
4 years ago
Enjoyed the challenge of this map. Good stuff Mr FilthySandwich :D
4 years ago
Better late than never :D
4 years ago
Goldeneye 007
This map is a heavy work-in-progress that I started a while ago, the map is based on the original N64 Goldeneye which is known as the best fps n64 game ever. It was the pinnacle of my childhood gaming and I've decided to remaster it for Black Ops 3 zombies. You'll find a large portion of the development has been livestreamed and I plan to release more and more footage of the development as I go along. For more information on this map see the linked video below which shows a somewhat walkthrough of the map and some of the development :)

Easter Egg(s)

"IceGrenade" - Mapper, Scripter, Modeller, Artist etc
"NateSmithZombies", "ZoekMeMaar", "Ardivee", "NateSmithZombies",  - Scripts
"WARDOGSK93", "xSanchez78" - Perks
"eMoX MaNgA", "HarryBo21", "Elfenliedtopfan5"  - Weapon Ports
FiveSeven, Symbo, Marksman147, MaD Team, Toasty, Manliness Girl, Dairy Queen, Skalv, Radimax, Kryptix Gaming, Pphelix, Crispy Crimps, Nexus, Karnage, Elfenliedtopfan5, OnlyDale, Javix473, soul-toktzt, JustAnotherUkGamer, Paploo, Uptownpapi25, Pphelix, Matarra, ZeRoY, Noobforlunch, Zindea, HitmanVere, PierroussVsGhost, Planet, VerK0, Affex, Sly, DvNG, Jay Creations, Lksimo & many many others - Support & Ideas


Skip to 3:55 for the start of the in-game demo

to add screenshots later (check the videos ^)...

Let me know what you think :)
4 years ago

Made this script and tutorial today for you guys :)

If you like this tutorial let me know... or if there is something you'd like to see a tutorial on let me know :)
4 years ago
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