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Hey folks!

I am currently not at home and thus cant work on any content that will be in the UGX mod.
As the Modeler/Animator of UGX i mainly focus on creating new weapons, of course i also do other assets but my main interest is still in weapons :).

I am not a Expert on what i do, but i do think that i do a decent job. Ive already asked on ZM what weapons they would want to see, most of the suggested weapons however are in a other CoD game already and thus uninteresting for me. I wanted to ask you guys if there are specific weapons that you would like to see, or if theres a lack of a specific weapon type in the mod and if you would like to see more different attachements and what kind of attachements.

Now im not gonna promise that i am going to create what you suggest since a single weapon already takes up a lot of time, but when there is something that sounds like its worth the effort, then i am going to consider making it :).

Thanks in Advance: Darkmapper
3090 days ago


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