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Topics - staticsnow22

The missing chalk textures for stock WAW weapons that had no wallbuys in the original maps. These were originally uploaded on for download in the very early days of Custom Zombies, however that site went down a long time ago and these have been unavailable ever since. I've found most (if not all) of the .iwi images for these chalk textures in various old school custom maps' .IWD files and reuploaded them here:

Weapon Chalks included:
Deployable Browning M1919 (bipod)
.357 Magnum
Deployable DP28 (bipod)
Deployable MG42 (bipod)
Molotov Cocktail
Ray Gun
Satchel Charge
Tokarev TT-30
Type 99 Arisaka
Type 99 LMG
Type 100
Walther P-38
Asset Manager Settings
materialType     /     world unlit
surfaceType      /     plaster
blendFunc         /     Blend
2 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to optimize your custom audio in your WAW Mod/Map. I will be showing you several ways to dramatically decrease file size and memory usage while maintaing good sound quality.
In this tutorial it is assumed you already know the basics of soundaliases and converting sound.
I'll break this down into a few parts:
You'll need Audacity. Here is a download link if you don't already have it.
Exporting your sound file correctly and efficiently
1. Import your sound file into Audacity. You can just drag and drop.
2. In the bottom left of the window you'll see a small tab that says 'Project Rate (Hz).' In the dropdown under that, change the number to 32000. This will lower the file size by decreasing the sample rate and therefore quality of the audio, however this difference in quality is typically very trivial, if even noticeable. Some sounds might suffer more than others though, and if your sound quality decreases too much, changing it back to 44100 isn't too big of a deal.

3. Press CTRL + A.
On the toolbar at the top of the window, go to Tracks > Resample. The number in the dropdown should be the same as the number you used in Step 2.

Press OK.
4. On the tool-bar at the top of the window, go to File > Export > Export Audio. Save your sound file as WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM

5. A window titled 'Edit Metadata Tags' will probably pop up. Near the center of this window you should a tab that says 'Clear.' Click that a couple times.

Press OK.
Your sound file should now be exported to the correct format, with a good balance between file size and sound quality.
Stereo Sound vs. Mono Sound - which to use and when
When to use Stereo Sound: Stereo sound can only be used for 2d sounds in-game. Attempting to use stereo sound for 3d sound ingame will cause the audio to sound very glitchy and spam the console with errors.
+ sounds very nice when used correctly
- cannot be used for 3d sound
- larger file size
When to Use Mono Sound: Mono sound must be used for 3d sounds in-game. You can still use it for 2d sounds, however it will not sound quite as nice as Stereo.
+ smaller file size
+ can be used for both 2d and 3d sound
- when used for 2d sound, it doesn't sound as nice as stereo
1. Open your sound file in Audacity
2. Press CTRL + A
3. On the tool-bar at the top of the window, go to Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo Down to Mono
4. Export your sound in the correct format - WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM
Changing Mono to rich Stereo is a bit more complicated so I won't demonstrate it here. Apologies.
Streamed Sound vs. Loaded Sound - which to use and when
People too often are loading their sounds very inefficiently and they often end up having each sound file be included in both their FF and in their IWD. Doing that just needlessly increase file size and memory usage.
Open your soundalias(es), preferably with Microsoft Excel or a similar program. Under the header 'type'  you need to put either 'streamed' or 'loaded' for each soundalias. Pretty simple.

When to use Streamed: Streamed should be used for all 2d sounds. One exception to this is 2d weapon sfx (like reloading sounds, for example), which should be Loaded. Sound files that are Streamed must be included in your root/mods/mapname/sound.
When to use Loaded: Loaded should be used for all weapon sounds and all 3d sounds. Sound files that are Loaded must be included in root/raw/sound but MUST NOT be included in root/mods/mapname/sound.
Last but certainly not least, converting your sound using ADPCM compression
The standard converter that comes with the modtools uses an uncompressed format, which results in huge file sizes. I'll show you how to convert your sounds using ADPCM compression. You should see a decrease in file size by ~75%!
You'll need this kit for conversion.

I should note that this is a modified version of Megadeth9811's conversion_kit, however his used xWMA compression which is not as good as ADPCM.
Make sure you put your conversion_kit folder in a directory that has no spaces.
Bad Example: C:\Users\Blah\Desktop\Mod Tools\conversion_kit
Good Example: C:\Users\Blah\Desktop\Modtools\conversion_kit
The steps that follow all take place in the conversion_kit folder, NOT in your WAW root.
1. Place your unconverted sounds into conversion_kit/sound_assets/raw/sound as you typically would.
2. Place your soundalias into conversion_kit/raw/soundaliases as you typically would.
3. Navigate to conversion_kit/bin and run convert.bat by just double-clicking it.

4. The converter will convert your sounds to Compressed ADPCM .WAV format, and your newly-converted sound files should show up in conversion_kit/raw/sound.
5. Your sounds are now converted in ADPCM format! You should notice a drastically lower file size compared to the standard uncompressed format. Now just remember to include your soundalias in a a zone_source file.

And that should be everything. If you have any suggestions or ideas please share!
3 years ago
I've made a custom scrolling texture for a PAP camo, but I can't seem to remove the lightmap:

As you can see the muzzleflash light is showing up on the blue camo. I want to get rid of that.

Here are the settings for the camo in asset manager:
3 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to replace the bloody, maimed DLC3 zombie textures ( with the old, flesh colored Nacht Der Untoten zombie textures (

This is essentially just replacing the Der Riese models for the zombies with the ones from the Prototype modtools.

1. Download this:
2. Go into the .zip file and drag the 'raw' folder into your WAW root directory. Select 'Yes' to replace all existing files.

1. Download this:
2. Go into the .zip file and drag the 'raw' folder into your WAW root directory. Select 'Yes' to replace all existing files.
4 years ago
Any tutorial on how to add a Satchel Charge wall buy? I don't want to use the BYZMODZ buildable one, just a regular wall buy. And I already have the chalk texture for the satchel charge and mortar round.

I couldn't seem to find a tutorial anywhere for this, besides one that caused the Satchel Charge to deplete the special grenade slot (e.g. throw a charge and it would take one of your monkey bombs away).

4 years ago
After trying all the other tutorials for this, I noticed there was constant freezing in-game. The freezing is apparently caused by the script calling for an alias that doesn't exist. so I decided I'd go into 'dlc3_vox.csv' and change all 1700 aliases. One. At. A. Time.

MAKE A BACKUP OF 'root/raw/soundaliases/dlc3_vox.csv' BEFORE OVERWRITING ANYTHING
1. Download this:   (it's a RAR file so you'll also need to download 7Zip or WinRar).

2. Drag the 'raw' folder into your World at War root directory. Select 'Yes' to replace the existing file (because you backed it up, right?).

3. Compile Level.

4. Build Mod.

You now have the charcter quotes from the Marines in Verruckt, with NO FREEZING.

Please let me know if the download link goes down at some point.
4 years ago
Does anyone have a working download link for the missing weapon chalks (like the magnum, dp28, browning etc.)? All the links I've tried either redirect to a domain purchase or simply are removed from the download website (MEGA, Mediafire, etc.) Daedra's link that he posted is broken as well (

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could send me a working link. Thanks
4 years ago
I used these viewhands and followed the instructions  -

All the materials and the xmodel are rigged together and I can see them just fine in assetviewer but when I load up my map the viewhand model is there but they are completely black -

I have searched this forum and zombiemodding up and down but no one else seems to have this problem.
5 years ago
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