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Hi guys, for some reason I cant seem to get my models tab open. When I press M on my keyboard my models tab does not open. Right clicking and pressing models just spawns a red box (misc_model) and nothing else really happens. No seperate window comes up like when spawning prefabs

I've searched around on the internet and I couldn't really find anything on this issue I'm having. If anyone could help out that'd be cool, thanks<3
286 days ago
Does anybody know how to change the names of guns when they are pack a punched? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.<3
288 days ago
So, I've been working on a few maps for a while now. Haven't posted them because they are nowhere near finished. I'm relatively new to map making and I've run into this problem i can't seem to get around.

So I've done a lot of work on my main map and whenever i try to test the map, my player just doesn't work. I can't move, look around, or do anything. I've been searching all around to fix it but i haven't found anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
509 days ago


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