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For making a shader in APE, what should I set the material category and type to? I've tried several of the 2d options and they all look distorted or don't work.
1181 days ago
Hey guys, I'm a bit new to working with HUD elements and I was wondering how to make HUD text elements have background colors like this picture.

Is it an attribute of HUD elements like .color and .alpha or do I have to make another HUD elements with a solid rectangle for the background?
1189 days ago
Where are the effects of Speed Cola, Double Tap,  and other perks implemented? I found Juggernog code in _zm.gsc and presumably Quick Revive is done in _laststand.gsc as it was in WaW. Also, I've taken a small break from the mod tools; have they implemented the ability to change stock scripts yet? I tried looking it up but I couldn't find anything about it.
1206 days ago
The GG machine prefab has been added as of the last mod tools update and works, but zm_bgb.gsc and zm_bgb_machine.gsc are still empty. Is there any way for us to edit GGs/the GG machine as of right now?
1223 days ago
Hey guys, I keep getting this error when starting Radiant. Did any of you guys have the same problem, and if so, how did you fix it?
1242 days ago
Lemon used to work fine for me, now every time I try to use it in BO2, I get an error message which says, "This game is supported, but the binary your using is not." Reinstalling BO2 and trying this on multiple computers all yielded the same error.  I looked to reinstall Lemon, but it appears that Tom has taken down the download. What happened?
1439 days ago
Pretty much what the title says. I've been trying to use Lemon and a zombie model to port anims from BO2, but I haven't been able to do it at all. Are there any tutorials on how to do this?
1458 days ago

I was just wondering if there's a way to disable player movement while still allowing the player to look around and shoot (similar to what happens when you use a turret)?

Thanks in advance for your help!
1725 days ago

I follwed this tutorial by ConvictioNDR ( to port custom zombie models and I appear to have screwed up. When I compile my map, the zombies are the default girl model. Where did I go wrong, and how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Double Post Merge: May 23, 2015, 10:46:06 pm
Here is my code if it helps:
1740 days ago

I'm trying to add an FOV slider to my map by adding this to the (which I have saved under mapname\ui):
CHOICE_DVARSLIDER( 35, "Field of Vision", cg_fov, 65, 65, 80, ; )

However, it won't change anything in the settings when I check it. What am I doing wrong?
1754 days ago
The modelscale KVP will only enlarge the model in Radiant for me, and not in game. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.
1784 days ago
When testing my map in multiplayer, after a player dies out and spawns back in, he does not spawn in with a gun. I've tried looking through the scripts for respawning and I can't find the part where the gun is given back. If it helps, I have replaced the Colt with the Tac-45. Upon initial spawn in, all players are given the Tac-45 and everything functions normally until they bleed out and spawn back. Thanks in advance for your help!
1794 days ago
Hi, I just wanted to know what the parameters would be for spawning a trigger_multiple. Something like this
radius = spawn("trigger_radius",origin,spawnflags,radius,height);
except for a trigger multiple. Thanks in advance for your help!
1795 days ago
Is there a limit for the "z" parameter in
SetVelocity(x, y, z);
? 1000, 2000, and 10,000 all seem to go the same distance in the air.

Thanks in advance for your help!
1834 days ago
I was going through the script reference, _utility, and _utility_code, and I noticed that there is only a reference to checking if certain buttons are pressed, like attack, and use, and the generic
only applies for host and appears to only apply for gamepads. Is there a way to check if any button is pressed, like forward, sprint, jump, etc.?
1836 days ago


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