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UGX Script Placer 2.0

The new UGX Script Placer is designed to easily place all the needed scripts to start working on your map in seconds, with added features to help surpass the redundant placing and editing of files to just get a working map. The UGX Script Placer is updated with all the latest files and will continue to be updated with the latest bug fixes and developer features powered by the UGX Modtools Patch.

View the UGX Script Placer 2.0 wiki topic for a features overview and tutorial on general use.

UGX Script Placer 2.0 Overview w/ Stock/UGX Mod Tutorial


- a PC running Windows XP or higher
- .NET Framework v4.0
- A valid Modtools installation


- Create maps without the "nazi_zombie_" prefix, allowing for more creative names
- Add your own display name which will be shown in the COOP menu as well as in the start text in game
- Create new map with custom map file, this makes creating a new mod to go with your map very simple
- All new setup map designed to give you the basics to start working on your map, no more starting from scratch and no more having to delete lots of unnecessary items from sniper bolts tutorial map
- Add a main menu button with your own custom text
- Add your own main menu, load, and mission screens
- Disable the developer console on the map to restrict cheaters from using console cheats
- All new custom weather option with support for custom weather FX
- Include UGX Easy FX by default to get easily placeable FX in your map without the hassle of installing the FX package yourself
- All new Simplistic Mode which takes away the advanced options of the program for easier use with newer mappers and people who just want to press go and start working away at their map

UGX-MOD v1.0.4 Auto Installer
- Will install all the needed files to your v1.4 Modtools installation required to run UGX-MOD
- Once the base files have been installed you can then create as many different UGX-MOD Enabled maps as you please
- On-top of just plain UGX-MOD support you are free to change some main customization options such as Objectives, Bosses, and the option of Timed Gameplay.

To-do/Planned Features:
(None of the items shown here are guaranteed features, just stretch goals that we would like to add)
- Anti-Cheat; beyond just disabling the console, at this point it is unknown what exactly this will consist of
- Custom UI; I'm sure a lot of us are tired of the same old default windows look, which is why it would be nice to spice up the look of the program with some new custom UI elements
- Auto CPM file generation for the UGX Project Mover

- The application will take longer than usual the first time installing a map because of the auto UGX Modtools Patch Installation, if you already have a patch installed and wish to disable this feature you can uncheck "Auto-Install UGX Patch" from the Options menu.
- In the event that your map is created with warnings a file called "log.txt" will be created in the same directory as the application, it contains details to what went wrong, this can be shown to gain assistance for any issues that you are having with the script placer
- UGX-MODS is not responsible for any data loss caused by this program, it is your responsibility to properly backup your data

Known Bugs:
- Setup map doesn't contain worldspawn settings
- Added items for new features don't auto-check in IWD list
- Selecting unfamiliar file type for screens causes infinite loop
- EasyFX uses the stock amount of FX which is over the limit in UGX-MOD

(These issues are currently being fixed for a new version)

- Corrected easyFX + UGX-MOD 400FX crash
- Added worldspawn settings to setup map
- Added Auto check for custom items added to IWD list
- Disabled the ability to select any file type in the screens section(caused infinite loop)

- Initial Release
2408 days ago
 In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a Kino Der Toten style teleporter. It does not include the random room you go to after leaving the pack-a-punch room.
    First, download these files. This includes the 2 script files you'll need plus an example map.
    Kino Der Toten Teleporter v2
    Now follow these steps:
    Step 1:
    Extract the gsc files to your mod/maps folder. (Cod WAW Root folder/mods/*your map name*/maps)
    If you already have the _zombiemode_perks.gsc file in your mod, you'll have to replace it (sorry!).
    Step 2:
    Go to your main gsc file. (Cod WAW Root folder/raw/maps/*your map name*.gsc)
    If you have your main gsc file in your mod/maps folder, you need to edit that one instead.
    At the bottom of the main() function, add
    thread maps\_kinostyle_teleporter::init();
    Step 3:
    Open the file _kinostyle_teleporter.gsc file in your mod/maps folder. Close to the top, you will see a function called AddItems(). At the bottom of it, there are variables you need to change. Under the 'You CAN edit these' section, editing is optional. But you must change the one in the next section. If you have a PAP machine in the room you teleport too, set this to true. Otherwise, set it to false.
    Step 4:
    Open Launcher and go to the Mod Builder tab. Select your map, and check the 2 files in the IWD file list. Compile, making sure you have 'Build IWD file' checked.
    Step 5:
    Open your map in radiant. If you haven't already, go ahead and build the teleporter machine and the PAP room, etc. Now you'll need to place some script_origins and trigger_uses.
    Step 6:
    Place a trigger_use on your mainframe. Give it the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_mainframe_trigger'.
    Place a trigger_use on your teleporter. Give it the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_teleporter_trigger'.
    Step 7:
    Place a script_origin in the middle of the mainframe halfway into the ground. Give it the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_mainframe_fxspot'.
    Place a script_origin in the middle of the teleporter halfway into the ground. Give it the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_teleporter_fxspot'.
    Step 8:
    Place 4 more script_origins around the mainframe (not too close to eachother!). Give them all the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_mainframe_spawn'.
    Place 4 script_origins in the PAP room (not too close, either). Give them all the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_paproom_spawn'.
    Step 9:
    Place another script_origin (omg!) somewhere in your map where you want zombies to go when you are teleporting. Give it the KVP 'targetname', 'kino_teleporter_zombiegoto'.
    Step 10:
    Create a 'black box'. Make a black box in radiant, about 1 blue box long, 4 squares wide and 6 squares tall. Put 4 script_origins in the middle.
    Make them 4 squares apart. (It would really help on this to look at the example map.)
    Give them all the KVPs: 'targetname', 'kino_image_room' AND 'script_noteworthy', 'teleport_room_#'.
    In the 2nd KVP, replace # with numbers 0-3. Make sure each script_origin has a different number, so all 4 numbers are used.
    Step 11:
    Go to the zone_source folder and open your map's .csv file (Cod 5 Root folder/zone_source/*your map name*.csv)
    At the bottom, add the code:
    That's it. Compile your map and it should work.
    Here is what it should look like if everything is done corretly:
2634 days ago
UGX Google Chrome Theme

Is your browser looking a little dull lately? Sick of the default theme that chrome gives you? Well here's a brand new theme by Me([UGX] SajeOne) that just might give your browser the new look you've been searching for. Designed with the colors used on our website this theme brings the sleek look of the UGX-MODS website everywhere you go!

Follow these easy to install steps!

Step 1) Click Download
Step 2) Your browser may give you a message like this:

If so press "Add" and your done! If not continue to step three.
Step 3) If you get no theme message from chrome then you will see that "UGX Theme.crx" has been downloaded. Find the file and drag it onto your chrome browser like so:

You may get a small message like this:

I can assure you that it is ok, you can press continue safely. Now that that is done look above at "Step 2".

Hope you guys enjoy the theme! See you on the forum :3.
2811 days ago
Hello guys, today I am going to show you how to add a random music player that I have created to your map. This music player is nice because it will always play a variety of songs and you dont have people spamming the same song over and over. Also this music player allows you to add as many songs as you want, There is no limit.

Video Demo: Random Music Player

Step 1) First off you will need to download the files for the music player which can be found at the end of the post.

Step 2) Once you have downloaded the .zip Extract the soundalias file to your "CODRoot\raw\soundaliases". Then extract the GSC file to "CODRoot\mods\*YOURMAPNAME*\maps"

Step 3) Open your "*YOURMAPNAME*.gsc" (ex. nazi_zombie_house.gsc) and find the line:
above that line place:
thread maps\random_song::random_song_think();
Once you have done that it should look like this:
thread maps\random_song::random_song_think();
Step 4) Open your maps Zone Source file in "CODRoot\zone_source". it will be called "*YOURMAPNAME*.csv". Now somewhere in that file place:
Step 5) Open your Map in CoDWaW Radiant, right click on the 2D grid and go to "Trigger>Use". Open the entity window and give the trigger the KVP of:
Key:"targetname" Value:"random_song"

This is the trigger that you will be buying the songs from so place it how you want in your map. After you have finished that save and close your radiant.
Step 6) Go into your launcher and make sure that "random_song.gsc" is checked in your IWD list, then check "Build mod.ff Fastfile" and "Build Sounds". Once you have done that hit "Build Mod"

Once the process is done, un-check "Build Sounds" and check "Build IWD File". Then hit build mod again.

Once you have Completed that you can compile your level like normal and when you get in game you should be able to use the music player with its stock songs.

Adding Custom Songs

Adding custom songs is a lot like adding sounds for anything else, with the way i have set this music player up it should be very easy to understand.

Step 1) Find the sound file you want to use, Almost any type will work.

Step 2)Once you find the file, open it with Audacity( If you do not have audacity it can be downloaded for free Here )

Step 3) Once open hit "CTRL + A" and go to "Tracks>Stereo Track to Mono"

Step 4) Go to "File>Export..." and pick a name to save your file as(Just remember it cannot contain spaces). Once you have named your file, save the file type as "Other uncompressed files" and hit the "Options..." button. a window will pop up containing two drop downs, set header to "WAV(Microsoft)" and encoding to "Unsigned 8 bit PCM"

Step 5) Once that is done hit save and a window should prompt you with different tags and values needing your OK to continue, before you do make sure there are no entries in the values section. If there are entries there you can hit "Clear" to delete them. After you do that you can hit ok.

Step 6) Once saved move this file to your "COD5Root\Sound_Assets\Raw\sound"

Step 7) Go to "COD5Root\raw\soundaliases" and open "random_song_alias.csv" with notepad++. There you will already see two lines that look like this:
below these lines place this:
Now replace "*NAME*" with whatever name you want for your sound, and replace "*SOUND_FILE* with your sound files name. Once you have done that it should look something like this:
You can now save and close the file now.

Step 8 ) Now we must add this sound we have created into the music box, Open "random_song.gsc" in "COD5Root\mods\*YOURMAPNAME*\maps"
look for where i have placed:
////////////////////////////////Sound Files Section////////////////////////////////
In that section you will see:
song = [];
song[0] = "mx_lullaby"; //Song 1
song[1] = "mx_beauty"; //Song 2
song[2] = "mx_the_one"; //Song 3
all you must do to add another song is copy the latest line and change the number to 1 higher then it is, first will be 0, then 1, then 2, then 3 and on. So for this instance im going to copy:
song[2] = "mx_the_one";
and change it to this:
song[3] = "*NAME*";
for my instance i will be changing "*NAME*" to "beauty_song", so yours should look something like this:
song[3] = "beauty_song";
Next we will be changing the display name, AKA the name that will appear for a player that bought the player. Ex. "Playing: Monty - Horizon"
to do this look for where i placed:
////////////////////////////////Song Name Section////////////////////////////////
In this section you should see:
song_string = [];
song_string[0] = "Lullaby For A Dead Man"; //Song 1
song_string[1] = "Beauty Of Annihilation"; //Song 2
song_string[2] = "The One"; //Song 3
for this we will be doing the same thing as the last time, but instead of the value being the sound name, it is now the display name. First im going to copy and paste:
song_string[2] = "The One"; //Song 3
and change it to:
song_string[3] = "*DisplayName*"; //Song 4
change "*DisplayName*" to the name of your song, for my example i will be using "Beauty Of Annihilation"
song_string[3] = "Beauty Of Annihilation"; //Song 4
Two out of three now, Next we need to add in how long the song is in seconds. Find where i placed:
////////////////////////////////Song Time Section////////////////////////////////
In this section you should see:
song_time = [];
song_time[0] = 260; //Song 1
song_time[1] = 290; //Song 2
song_time[2] = 300; //Song 3
Same as we did twice before i will copy and paste the latest entry:
song_time[2] = 300; //Song 3
and change it to:
song_time[3] = *SONG_TIME*; //Song 4
replace song time with how much time in SECONDS that your song takes up. for my instance my song is 290 seconds long
song_time[3] = 290; //Song 4
Once you have done that go to your launcher and check "Build mod.ff Fastfile" and "Build Sounds" then hit "Build Mod"

once its done go to "Cod5Root\raw\sounds" and you should see your converted sound file. Copy it and paste it into "COD5Root\mods\*YOURMAPNAME*\sounds" if this directory doesn't exist, create it. Make sure the sound file is checked in your IWD list then Build your mod and Compile Normally. Now when you are in game you will be able to play your song from the music player. Have Fun  :nyan:
3094 days ago
Just went into my world at war and saw that it was glitching and has this error: ERROR: DW get friend list error 102 - 'BD_EXCEPTION_IN_DB'

Apparently everyone In my friends list also has the error. Demonwares waw server is down, at the moment not sure how long for, but hopefully wont end up like the treyarch wiki. Info is small on what is going on but if you have any info on it please leave a reply. Looks like for the moment ill be sticking to browsing YouTube :P

Edit: Server is back online!
3184 days ago
Hello, if you have not seen me before my name is SajeOne(Saje for short). I have been a member on ZM for a while creating my maps as a thing to do in my spare time. As of the last few days I have found a liking for this site more and I am now trying to be an active member ;). When I can I try to help and make things for the community of use, for instance I have a number of helpful tutorials that can be found on my youtube channel:

Radiant Basic Mapping Tutorial:
Custom Textures Tutorial:
Advanced Doors Tutorial:
Adding Music Player/Custom Songs To Map Tutorial:
Adding Custom Skins Tutorial:
Adding Cod4 Models To Your Map Tutorial:
Fixing Browning 30Cal Firing Sounds For Riese Styled Maps:
Porting a Static Model From Maya to Your Map:
Adding Black Ops Guns To WAW(Part 1:
(Part 2:
Adding Zones To Your Der Riese Styled Map:

I plan to create more tutorials and please if you have any requests leave them as a reply. In the past I have started with a very basic map idea and have moved on to more complex designs and ideas. Here are examples of how I have progressed from where I began to where I stand now.

First Map: Epic
Download Link:
Epic was my first ever created map. The only reason it was created was to test the features of der riese without using zones(as at the time they seemed very advanced for my skill level). Epic consists of 3 rooms, one big room and 2 very tiny other rooms where you can unlock other features. Here are a couple videos showing the map:
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Epic Was a good map for learning and from there I moved to some bigger things.

Second Map: Haus Der Untoten
Map Download:
Haus Der Untoten AKA Nazi_zombie_House was a much bigger process for me. Since I had learned the basics of mapping from epic I could now move on to having a bigger map. Haus Had 9 different rooms varying in size. My overall goal was to make the map fun for all types of players. If you were someone that wants to camp with a sniper rifle while zombies run at you trying to eat your brains, You might enjoy this map. If you enjoy running around taunting the zombies as they chase you. While then annihilating them with a ppsh or Wunder Waffe, You might also enjoy this map. Here are a few videos to show you the map:

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Third Map: Rooftop
Map Download:
Rooftop was an Idea i thought of actually day dreaming in class. I imagined it would be cool running across roofs killing some zombies, So I started production. Every map I make I learn something new, no matter how big or small it may be. Right at the end of the maps creation is when I found out the most. Right then was when I started learning how to port Cod4 guns, so I got one in the map. I also started to look into Cod Syntax and how coding works.
Here is what the final project looks like:

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Forth Map: Zerstorung
Map Download: *NOT RELEASED*
This Map is still not currently Released, I have learned so much since rooftop that its almost hard to believe. With weapon porting and creation to more heavy duty scripting. This map is set in an underground prison that you have escaped to. You must find your way out of this creepy place, but it holds a dark secret. Here is the trailer I have posted for it:

Other then what I have posted there is not much else to say. I plan to continue creating content, see how far I can go with it. If you guys have any questions or feedback feel free to leave me a reply or a pm. Thanks for your time :)

3185 days ago


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