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I've been just trying to learn APE, and every single time I try to add a normal map to the material I'm modding, APE crashes, and then keeps crashing until I delete the texture from the texture_assets folder. EVENTUALLY after more crashes it starts working again.

I made the normal map from this site, if anyone's wondering

EDIT: I just figured out that literally selecting any material crashes APE. What a quality tool by Treyarch

EDIT 2: FOUND THE ANSWER! Keep your images in powers of 2 (usually 1024x1024) or else APE freaks out!
668 days ago
I've been stuck with this problem for awhile and it's driven me mad.

There is one zone in my small map that I can't enter. The zone has two doors leading into it. However, neither of the doors work. When I walk up to one of them, the text that tells you to buy the door for a certain cost simply doesn't appear, and pressing F doesn't work at all.

1. I've checked that the zones are properly named, and the adjacent zones in the map GSC file are correct as well. I've also made sure that the zone volumes are info_volumes, touching each other, and have target, targetname, and script_noteworthy KVPs, so I don't think it's the zone volumes causing the problem.

2. The triggers for both doors are both trigger_use, and have the right target, script_flag, and targetname (zombie_ debris), and all the other options are default. The trigger is stretched so it extends past both sides of the debris models and clip (so you can open it up from either side, which is how I think it works). I don't think I messed this up, but I get the feeling that this is the part causing me problems.

3. The clip is a script brushmodel with the targetname and script_noteworthy KVPs, extended to cover the models.

4. Finally, the small rocks (which are the models acting as the debris that I want to move) are script_models with the targetname and target KVPs.

5. I have indeed added the script_structs with the approriate targetname.

I simply have no idea how the door just stopped working entirely, as I have been essentially copying my doors over, and I've been checking this over and again to make sure I got the KVPs right.

Trigger one:

Trigger two:

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Any help would be massively appreciated!

EDIT: Simply deleting both doors and remaking the door carefully while watching a tutorial fixed it. I'm not sure what went wrong, but probably some stupid typo.
670 days ago
Hey everyone! Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.  I can't seem to find any door textures in the "Texture" window.   In addition, I just seem to have a lot less textures to work with overall as opposed to CoD:WaW.  I set it to "Usage: Door" and "All" at the top of the Textures window.  However, nothing shows up.  The only way I could get a door is by going to script > models and using one of the very limited door models there.  Is there a way I can get more textures besides importing? If I buy DLC zombie maps do I get more textures? Or am I just stupid?  ???
1412 days ago
Hey everyone! I've returned from my hibernation and have realized that now there is mapping for World at War AND Black Ops 3.  Seeing as I abandoned my first map, should I switch over to Black Ops 3 modding or stay with World at War? Which one has more support and popularity? Thanks!  :D

1417 days ago
Hello! so I added Nate's Bo2 weapons to my map (,10057.0.html)

Everything is FINALLY working! No errors, but there is one bug:

When I pack-a-punch the Colt M1911, and turn it into the Mustang & Sally, I can get an INFINITE amount of guns.
I suspect that maybe the game is not recognizing the Mustang & Sally as a weapon or something. IDK. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: Realized that this should probably be moved to the actual post with the BO2 guns 0-o. Woops
1774 days ago
So, as the title says, I'm trying to open a door by shooting a trigger.  So I made a door with the regular kvps that all doors have with the targetname door6, and made a trigger_damage as well with the targetname "Secret_Trigger" and then in my maps .gsc I came up with my first (horrible) script!

trigger = getEnt("Secret_Trigger, door6");
self waittill("Secret_Trigger", player);
door_open(door6, player);
player iprintInbold("You hear an unlocking sound.");
self delete();

I've been reading all I can on scripting, and I THINK most of this makes sense. I just don't know what function I should use to open the door. Would ent delete(); work instead of door_open(door6, player);? Now that I think of it, doesn't self delete(); refer to the Entity, which is the door? 0-o How would I correct this script?

1785 days ago
Hello. So as the title says, I have two problems: 1. There's moonlight on some objects when the entire map is a completely enclosed space, and 2. The perk machines have all the FX and stuff, but WHEN THE POWER IS ON the machines are invisible. When the power is off they're fine.

Here are some pictures showing these problems:

Solutions to either one of these problems would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  :)
1787 days ago
Hello! I've been debating for a while whether or not I should buy Black Ops 2, not only because it's fun, but also I can import stuff from it. So, in order to help me decide whether or not I should buy it, I was wondering WHAT can I import from Black Op2? I believe it's possible to import textures and guns from it but is there anything else I can import? Thanks!  :)
1789 days ago
So, I kept on getting the "error" which says you don't have enough memory or something. Anyways I downloaded
something from,10951.msg121470.html#msg121470 that was mentioned by Tim Smith. I installed it and I started getting Error -1073741819, so I tried to MANUALLY UNINSTALL it like a MORON.
Now whenever I try to compile my map, I get this error:

FAILED TO EXECUTE: linker_pc -nopause -language english -moddir Secret_House Secret_House

1799 days ago
For some reason, when I tick "Run after Compile" my map works. But when I manually go in game and try it, it ALWAYS comes up with some "missing" gsc such as "" or "/maps/ugx-modders help" or something like that. How come I can test it in Launcher but not in game? -_-
1799 days ago
So basically I have a sun with these KVPs:

The problem is that everything except for the floors are working. The floors are nearly black. Also it seems EVERY wall (including the one that is facing the moon) is almost black like the floors. HOWEVER the models are completely fine. Those and the players and zombies are fine. Simply the floors and walls are nearly black for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  :)
2061 days ago
Hello. I was trying to make moonlight for my map (meaning I wanted ONLY a dim light that comes from the moon, not the actual model in the sky) and I added these KVPs to my worldspawn.

After adding this, I turned off "cubic clipping", Pressed F8 and LO AND BEHOLD I have gotten the error seen in the title  :rainbow: I do have "39" worldspawns (when I press N and look at the bottom it says 39) however I know that the extra worldspawns are just unstamped prefabs. Also the 3D part of radiant started to lag like crazy. It also seemed like the sun was in a wrong place (but I know that's caused by my inexistent knowledge of positioning the moon)

However, I don't want this error. Is there any way to get rid of it? Also, once the error is solved, what is the sun direction KVP I should have? Any help with this would be really appreciated.  :)
2062 days ago
So I got the bad syntax error which means some script is wrong. I used developer 1 and found out that this line is the culprit:

update_leaderboards()level.victory_ending_enabled = true;

The surrounding file looks like this:

I changed this line while trying to make a buyable ending from a tutorial.

Is there a way to fix this? Do I delete it? Or is it one of those TINY mistakes in the script?  ???
2067 days ago
As the title explains, how do I make a buyable ending and music easter egg and add it to my map?  Also, along with these two questions, I have a few others:

With the music easter egg, am I allowed to have custom music?
Is it more of a hassle to have custom music?
Also, with the buyable ending am I allowed to customize the text?

If someone could answer any or all of these questions that would be great, as a buyable ending, and music EE are just about the last things I want to add to my map. Thanks! :)
2069 days ago
So I wanted to add a nice little feature where, to get into a room in my map, you have to jump through a door. So I created a regular brush, textured it like a door, and created a spiky, broken door. However, the problem is that I want the zombies to put one leg over, then the other like they do with windows, except WITHOUT tearing down any barriers. I do NOT just want them to run through the door.

Here is a picture of the door

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
2069 days ago


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