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So earlier this evening Monster Box revealed that they had leaked the trailer for their new game 'Reset'. It wasn't hard to find to be honest but the game itself does look interesting. Jimmy is the brain child behind it and as he is a self-proclaimed fan of Parasite Eve and Left 4 Dead I can see where he is getting his inspiration from. Looking forward to seeing more of this but in the mean time, enjoy...
1543 days ago
PlayStation®Store Presents a round table discussion with Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia, Game Director Jason Blundell, Game Director Dan Bunting, Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar and host Wil Wheaton about the origins of Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 and an all-new Zombie Campaign Mode.

Enjoy! :D
1850 days ago
Hey guys. So, me and Trickster24 have decided to give the UGX 1.1 Mod a kind of preview/review based on the footage and videos released so far by UGX.

In the video, we talk about what we have seen, what we expect, and what we hope for from the upcoming mod. We just chat back and forth on what we think looks good on the mod and what we hope for when it is finally released.

We are not posting this video for views or subs... more so because we are big fans of the custom scene and really wanted to try and spread the word on the mod and the scene in general.

Please take time to view it and post comments here on what YOU are most excited for with the upcoming mod. I am personally excited more for the Gersch and the Retriever.

What about you?

Ugx Mod v 1.1 Standalone Review Part 1

Special thanks to Treminaor (and the rest of the UGX team) for allowing us permission to use the footage. Thank you so much guys... for EVERYTHING! :D
2439 days ago
So the Call of Duty Online title getting made exclusively for the Chinese market is getting it's own zombie mode. It seems like it will feature Terminator style enemies as opposed to zombies, but damn... does it not just look AWESOME!!

I want this now! So jealous.  :'(
2449 days ago
So... it has emerged that Yoteslaya was killed last night after his pickup truck collided with a train. He and his two passengers were killed instantly.

He did so much for the custom scene, and was a joy to watch. My thoughts go out to his family on this day.

RIP Bro. :(

2486 days ago


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