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This map does not require T4M (I know lots of people don't like T4M so i tried my hardest not to use it) :)

If your having a problem running the map go to your texture settings and set Specular map resolution to high, if that doesn't work please check how to fix it on the bottom of the thread :)

also if you want to record the map make sure to use these texture settings or else the game will crash (waw limits) :|
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Yes its finally here.... but it doesn't have everything that i wanted the map to have :/ reason why is that the BO3 mod tools are coming out soon and i would rather work with those tools. Also due to the fact that I've been hitting loads of limits with WaW itself.

This map features:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Credits of the map :D

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Beta Testers (that i can remember):
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Download links


I'm also planning on making a Black Ops 3 version with an Easter Egg and much more. Would do it in waw but i'm hitting limits so ill wait till bo3 :)

Fixes if having crashing issues or the graphical glitch

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1725 days ago
This simple script adds a powerup that will randomly cycle threw all powerups in the map and when picked up will do the effect of the powerup it was on at the time.

First open up your zombiemode_powerups.gsc in your mods folder (if it is not there copy it there from your raw folder)

paste this at the bottom of the file:
powerup = get_next_powerup();
struct = level.zombie_powerups[powerup];

self SetModel( struct.model_name );
self.powerup_name = struct.powerup_name;
self.hint = struct.hint;

if( IsDefined( struct.fx ) )
self.fx = struct.fx;

wait 0.2; // change this to change the cycle time

now go higher in the file to this line:
//powerup = powerup_setup();
and paste this directly above it:
	if(randomint(100) < 20) // change the 20 to change the chance that this will appear, higher number = more chance to drop
powerup thread random_powerup_powerup();
1790 days ago
Shisha no mori

This is the map iv'e been working on for a little over a month so far, it is based in a forest in japan, about half the map will be out in the open, and the other half will be underground.

This map will feature many weapons ranging from WaW to Bo3. as well as the perks from up to Bo3.


1805 days ago
Hello, today im releaseing the better kick and walking script i have recently made.

The Viewmodel will rotate dependent on the direction you are moving and when you shoot you get a randomized kick that will move your weapon slightly.

Adding the script:

First create a new GSC and add the following script into the file:
#include common_scripts\utility; 
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;

level.kickbackmax = .4;
level.kickbackmin = .2;
level.kicksidemax = .3;
level.kicksidemin = .1;

players = GetPlayers();

self endon("disconnect");
if(!self adsButtonPressed())
self SetClientDvar("bg_bobAmplitudeStanding",".1 0.01");
self SetClientDvar("bg_bobAmplitudeducking",".1 0.01");
if(self GetStance() == "prone")
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_minspeed", 0);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_minspeed", -1000);
rotvar = self getvelocity() * anglestoright(self GetPlayerAngles());
rotvar = rotvar[0] + rotvar[1] + rotvar[2];
rotvar = int(rotvar/20);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_r", rotvar);
self SetClientDvar("bg_bobAmplitudeStanding","0.01 0.001");
self SetClientDvar("bg_bobAmplitudeducking","0.01 0.001");

self endon("disconnect");

self waittill("weapon_fired");
kickBack = RandomfloatRange(level.kickbackmin, level.kickbackmax);
kickSide = RandomfloatRange(level.kicksidemin, level.kicksidemax);
kickdown = RandomfloatRange(level.kicksidemin, level.kicksidemax);
kickback = kickback*-1;
kickdown = (kickdown/2)*-1;
kickside = kickside*-1;
if(self adsButtonPressed())
kickback = kickback/3;
kickside = kickside/3;
kickdown = kickdown/3;
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_p", kickback*-12);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_r", kickside*-12);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_y", kickside*12);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_x", kickBack);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_y", kickside);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_z", kickdown);
wait 0.1;
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_x", 0);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_y", 0);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_z", 0);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_p", 0);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_r", 0);
self SetClientDvar("cg_gun_rot_y", 0);

after added save the file into your mods folder and call it whatever you want.

now in _zombiemode.gsc add: (make sure to add the name of the file in the spot specified)

check the script file in your iwd check list and build the iwd :D

Double Post Merge: April 02, 2016, 01:17:40 am
note that in co-op this may lag a little, i may convert this to be in CSC later to eliminate that but not sure.
1903 days ago
so i created a cylindrical room for my map, but when i go into the game it looks like this:

the lightingg is weird on 4 of the terrain patches used for this room, i thought it might be a light grid issue but i fixed it and it still was the same, any help would be appreciated
2004 days ago
The following is a petition to get a color change to the lover of zombies group, the color that we want it changed to has been specified by uk_viiper in the following images:

please sign the petition we need your help to achieve this!
here is a link to the petition:

as the time of the petition we already have 5 signatures going towards this cause, please if you can please sign this for the greater good.
2008 days ago
This map takes place in a storage facility for the nazi's during ww2, and had continued use long after there fall. Many weapons and high-tech devices can be found in there to help aid in the fight against the undead.

I plan to make this map a medium sized map with many different ways to play it.

As well any name suggestions would be appreciated :D

- an array of weapons from bo1-bo3
- perks from bo1-bo3
- custom traps
- custom scripted mystery box
- many, many more.


Weapons already added:

Update 1:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Update 2:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2025 days ago
You play as a military group known as "EVA" Evolution Visionary's Army. Their goal is a "global purge" which means the world will go in a revolution and this will help both EVA and the world. The Complex holds many secrets and EVA sent 4 scouts to go fulfill EVA's requests. EVA did not explain to the scouts why they need fulfill there requests but they said they needed to recover EVA data and remove the viruses from the lab computes so they can function again. The Complex was basically EVA'S testing ground, it got out of hand.
Hey guys so yea this is my new map and its hardly done xD
This map will be my 5th map and maybe my last (due to school getting in the way)
The map is barley 15% done so it wont be out for a while  :(
Anyway hears some pics of the map cred list will be posted once map is released :P

box will be changed to the COD OL box

2139 days ago
This map will be a library, im not sure of the size i want to make it but im sure it wont be to small but fairly decent in size.

there will be a various traps to kill zombies with that you and your group set up to kill zombies to survive but those wont keep um out :P

update 1:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

update 2:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

update 3:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

update 4:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2164 days ago
im working on trying to get a oriented sprite on a guns tag_flash ive, when in game it seems to spawn on my head and it doesnt move when i move or change pos/rot when i reload or have a animation play. any help would be apreciated
2169 days ago
So were is the last place you'd expect to find zombies?... under water of coarse , so you and your team go into the depths of the water to hide out during the break out of the zombie Apocalypse.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2180 days ago
Hello, This is a Work in progress for my first map i'm doing alone It use to be called landslide but now i have no clue for the name. I plan to fully detail and make this a fairly large map.

you are a team of 4 soldiers landed in a old abandoned town on a hill side, most of the buildings are completely unrecognizable and has been overgrown by vegetation, it is your mission to explore this town and find the secrets behind the residents disappearance.

  • Bo1 perks
  • Bo2 perks
  • a variety of weapons from a variety of games
  • new hud
  • custom everything :P
  • and many more not mentioned
2286 days ago
ok so I'm working on something and for it i need to detect the zombies are right in front of the player i looked at a thunder gun script but i got confused, if anyone could help that would be great thanks before hand.
2413 days ago
I was just wondering how i could get player 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 through script so if player 1 activates a trigger it will be different then when player 2 does it?
2430 days ago
how many people are doing a mall for the YouAlwaysWin Zombie Map Contest 2014 I'm doing one and I've seen a few other people say that. just curios.
2443 days ago


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