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Title: Forum & Chat Room Rules
Post by: treminaor on June 24, 2011, 03:25:52 am
Here at the UGX forums, we'd like to offer a great environment for our users while at the same time keeping things organized, on topic, and reasonable. For this reason we must establish a basic set of rules. Note that whether you read these rules or not, you are subject to them. If you are caught breaking any of these rules, appropriate action will be taken which could result in a warning or ban.

1. You will not post spam.

To ensure a quality and long-lasting membership here at the UGX forums, you'd be wise to avoid spamming. "Spamming" may be used to define the following:
- Posting a reply asking for access to a map beta instead of using the Beta Request System (
- Posting meaningless, off-topic replies in a topic.
- Posting in, or creating topics to raise your post count.
- Posting multiple times about the exact same thing.
- Posting in any language other than English without providing a proper translation after it.
Warnings will be dealt to those who show they're spamming the boards, and repeat offenders may be issued a ban.

2. You will not post anything unrelated to the current section.

Off-topic posts are another form of spam, but they're also one of the most common. As such they're part of this separate rule; while the odd comment might be overlooked, repeatedly posting in a topic with unrelated content is very annoying and we'll issue warnings and bans as seen appropriate. We don't want to see pictures of your cat in a technical support thread! :P

3. You will respect fellow members, moderators and admins.

We like to maintain a friendly and helpful environment on the boards. Unlike many forums we're very tolerant of profanity and such; freedom of speech is key and we're happy for you to post as you see fit (as long as it adheres to the other rules of course). However, continued abuse of other members, staff or admins is unacceptable as is racism, sexism, pejorative terms or extreme flaming; appropriate action will be taken with members who follow this destructive pattern. Just think about what you're saying and have some common sense when you make a post.

4. You will act like a mature adult, even if you aren't one.

Maturity is at the heart of a successful community. A small group of immature members and/or actions can bring down the quality of an entire community experience. Therefore we have decided to implement a zero-tolerance policy. If you are acting blatantly immaturely and it is causing any sort of problem in the community or the chat, you will be issued one and only one warning to your account by a moderator. If you are caught repeating behavior which you have already been warned for, you will be temporarily banned from the site to think about your attitude. Warnings are at the discretion of moderators. You will be notified each time you are warned, and a reason will be given for the warning - when possible, the incriminating post will be referenced. If you repeatedly break the same rules, your ban time length will be extended to one month, and then finally permanent if you do not change your behavior. More information can be found 
here (

5. You will not post, upload, link to, or otherwise provide access to any form of porn on this website.

This is not a porn site. End of story.

6. You will not be a pirate.

Due to issues of liability, we cannot support anything related to piracy. If you want to keep this site online, this rule has to be enforced. Topics or posts related to piracy will be removed immediately and a warning will be issued to the offender.

7. You will not be a solicitor.

No advertisements or other incentives to visit other sites, unless consent has been given previously by an admin. Any unauthorized advertisers (serious infractions) will be banned immediately with no appeal. Minor infractions (and/or "first time" infractions) will be dealt with accordingly. If you wish to advertise your website on UGX-Mods, please contact us ([email protected]) and wait for permission before posting. Portfolios are an exception to this rule. You may freely post portfolio links on the forum providing the links are not malicious. However, they cannot be the download method for a map or other files.  Malicious links will be dealt with severely.

8. You will forget that the CAPS LOCK key exists.

Anyone using capital letters to type more than one phrase may receive a warning at the discretion of any online moderator. There is no need whatsoever to post messages entirely in capitals; it's irritating and unnecessary.

9. When posting code of any kind, you will USE THE CODE TAGS.

 To post GSC script, paste the code into your post. Next, highlight the code and press the ( button in the post tools menu. This will add code tags around the code.

10. You will never threaten another site members' personal property, family, or life.

This includes disclosing personal information such as IP Addresses, home addresses, names, phone numbers, DDOS attacks, etc. Threatening or committing any of these actions via private message or otherwise will result in a immediate permanent ban from the site. This behavior is completely unacceptable and in most cases illegal.

11. Don't tweak other people's work without permission.

You may not upload a modification of another community member's work without their explicit permission. This includes making patches or updates to a map/mod, remakes, and any other act which involves uploading a modified version of something released on this website. If we receive a complaint that someone's content has been ripped off/modified without permission, the thread will be closed until the issue is resolved.

12. Don't release ways to cheat/tamper with other people's work without permission.

Tools & files used to circumvent any protected content on this site are prohibited. This includes cheat scripts, cheat engines, cheat utilities, and any other script/tool which is used to bypass cheat protection, copy protection, or beta protection for anything released on this site.

The issuing of a ban is a jointly-made decision by multiple admins. If you wish to appeal a ban, you may contact us at [email protected] to do so.
However most of the time this decision will have been made with good reason; the best way to stay on the site is to not get banned in the first place. ;)

Enjoy your stay!
Title: Re: Forum & Chat Room Rules
Post by: treminaor on October 21, 2016, 12:24:12 am
Our Terms of Service and Disclaimer (as well as other useful links) have been added to the footer of every page, and they both state that UGX-Mods and its staff are not liable for what users post (among other things). This was already part of the forum registration agreement since the site was first created back in 2011, but having separate labeled documents which are always publicly viewable is more professional and legally binding.

The forum rules have been updated to reflect these changes, specifically rule 6. We have removed our specific paragraph about posting ripped game assets.
As such, the UGX Site Moderators will no longer be actively removing any posts which contain this type of content unless a takedown notice or other legal notice against the content is received.

By continuing to use the site you have agreed to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Cookie Policy.

The registration agreement has also been updated reflect a user's agreement to these documents.

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy our site, and I hope people will find these changes to be as welcome and positive as I believe they are.