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Title: Help on Exporting, editing and re-importing weapon models into CoD WaW
Post by: MarcusG on October 12, 2018, 09:43:49 am
Hello there!

I'm Marco, AKA Marcomix on moddb.I want to start a small enhancing project on WaW weapons. More specifically, I want to make the following changes:

-correct the shape of all the weapon models

-import the M1928A1 Thompson SMG and make it the standard usmc SMG

-Import the Reisign M50

-fix the M1 Garand shading

-Increase the appearence of the Springfield M1903A1

-fix that HORRIBLE Mosin Nagant, make it a proper M91/30.

-fix a minor detail on the ppsh41

-Import the PPs43
...and so on.

The problem is, I don't have Maya 8.0 (only the 6.0 configured for CoD2 modding)...and I edit models mainly using LightRay 3D, Milkshape3D and Blender.
Maya is too troublesome to learn, and switching between the programs I listed above worked well for vCoD and CoD2...doesn't seem to work for WaW.More so, that the Diegologic Xmodel Exporter crashes everytime I try to extract a model from CoD WaW.That's what I attempted so far:

- Extracted the BAR model using Tom xmodel tools in the .ma format
-tried to open the .ma file using Maya 6.0. No luck, the meshes are not there, just the joints and bones.
-I remembered having a "PORTABLE" version of Maya 8.5 (I tried configuring it with codWaW tools, no use...). Opened the .ma file with it and exported it in .fbx-Opened the .fbx with blender and made my modifications to the model.
-i exported the edited model into .ms3d format to open it with lightRay 3D-linked the skins to the bones, fixed the names and exported, finally, into .xmodel_export-Fixed the material's names and compiled the model.
-Then, I prepared the mod and the .ff file.-Opened the mod in-game, loaded the "Hard Landing" mission and that's the result


Do you guys know a way to make this mod possible without learning how to use maya? (I mean...something like that it's possible for other cod games...)
Title: Re: Help on Exporting, editing and re-importing weapon models into CoD WaW
Post by: codmoddd1234 on October 14, 2018, 05:59:53 am
You should be able to do almost everything in blender with codwaw import/export by codemanX.
Make sure images dont have an alpha layer(transparency).
Precache model.
Include model in csv.
Include images in mod folder.
Update weapon file in mod folder/csv.
Use 3rd person dvar to see if the weap model is behind players view or above the players head.
Check asset manager for correct settings.
Look in TomXmodel utils to see if custom model has a texture and has the correct position of the original stock model.
Check console for missing stuff.

Title: Re: Help on Exporting, editing and re-importing weapon models into CoD WaW
Post by: Harry Bo21 on October 14, 2018, 09:07:38 pm
the problem you are having isnt the model, its the way you are overriding assetsbecause this is a duplicate of a stock gun, its loading the "assets" from the stock file, then in game - reading your file - thus trying to use the new model - but the "old one" is all thats loaded

add the assets to your mod.csv