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Title: Abnormal202 Scripting Tutorial 0: Installing Sublime
Post by: qwerty195 on September 17, 2018, 08:29:14 pm


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This one shouldn't take long, as its not actual scripting but something pretty much everyone should do before starting scripting.

Basically when we are scripting, we have to open up many different files such as .gsc's, .csc's, .gsh's, etc. using a text editor. Sublime will be our text editor.

Most people choose Sublime for this because Treyarch was kind enough to leave us with a Sublime Package that allows auto-highlighting for .gsc files in Sublime which is really nice.


First, download the text editor Sublime for free from the
Sublime Website. (

Once you have that installed, locate the package Treyarch left us, called This is located in (Bo3Root\docs_modtools)

In a separate folder window, locate where Sublime is installed (most likely in C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages). copy & paste the folder into this folder.

Rename to GSC.sublime-package

You will have to restart Sublime if you have it open. Then whenever you open a .gsc file (or any file you want the GSC highlighting for) you can select "GSC" in the bottom right corner of Sublime:


And you should be good & ready to script!

From now on when opening files for text editing, make sure to use Sublime and not notepad or whatever default text editor it may recommend.

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