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Title: Abnormal202 Scripting Tutorials [MASTER]
Post by: qwerty195 on September 17, 2018, 08:27:08 pm


So after discovering that scripting video tutorials are not my forte, I decided to just make good 'ol reading tutorials. I'll try to be as clear as possible, because I realize it can be a little harder to understand when there isn't a video showing all the tests from opening launcher to playing the map. Personally I think I learn better from reading than watching, so I hope this will help more people out.

Also for you pro-scripters out there, please let me know if I get something wrong. Just don't be too mean about it okay? or do. I can handle it.


There is already a relatively short tutorial on some GSC scripting basics done by NSZ, which you can find here. ( I like this tutorial, however personally I would like to go into more depth than this one does.


Tutorial 0: Installing Sublime (

Tutorial 1: Functions (

Tutorial 2: Using Other GSC Files (

Tutorial 3: Variables (

Tutorial 4: If Statements (

Tutorial 5: Script-Radiant Relation (

Tutorial 6: Properties (

Tutorial 7: While Loops (

Tutorial 8: Arrays (