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Title: Mob of the Dead Zombies for Black Ops 1 - Version 1.1
Post by: DeletedUser on July 08, 2018, 08:04:07 pm
Once an exclusive to some server, that package got updated in CFGFactory, now gets a release in UGX.

Thank you to some people for supporting me on my way, of course, my first and final mod will be just a Multiplayer mod and a zombies mod with the resources being released (in some way that my internet won't crap itself).

File description:

"I have decided to revive the MOTD zombies again. This time, it's been done correctly. Physics preset on the fallen limbs were added of course. I have also included red eye FX. Note that you would have to backup your FX folder in order to install this, otherwise, you're gonna use red-eye FX forever and not the standard yellow that everyone uses.

DTZxPorter - Wraith, to rip the zombie models
SE2Dev - BO1 Radiant
Bwc66930 - tutorial for WaW on how to make AI Types
Jerri13 - Major thanks with the gibbing help
Slayerbeast12 - telling me how to use EffectsEd to do some eye FX, ayy
Myself - Converting and Porting the models

Read the instructions before applying this to your raw folder."

Do keep in mind that my PC is dead, so I have to use the screenshots from CFGFactory.

The demonstration goes here.

Please, if you wanna use this for maps, make sure to credit me.
Here you go. Have fun.
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