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Title: Developers and Map designers!!
Post by: DeletedUser on May 23, 2018, 04:27:34 am
, haii people i have made a youtube account which will in the future consist of just gaming stuff in general, i will in the future  upload map play throughs and betas/early access stuff for waw and black ops 3 custom maps. i would like to gain a trust and a partner ship with the developers/Map designer as i want to credit them and also upload their maps as it is only fair that we would both have been acknowledged in the videos and i really do give appreciation all the work that gets put into this sort of stuff, if some time in the future i earn a profit i would at the very least also donate to those map developers who have partnered with me on the specific video so i can support and help them make even more awesome maps, im fairly new to the youtube world so if you have any maps i could try out and post up on the channel that would be awesome!!, i will look forward to hearing from some of you, this is one of my dreams and im not going to give up