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Title: Map with easy mode or final boss?
Post by: Cvrk on October 22, 2016, 05:54:19 pm
Been in the shadow of this forum for quite some time. Played many maps and watched the threads related.
Finally ,in our last lan party, we managed to find - play - finish the best map in the world : ORBIT
This map had it all. A story, felt like a real campaign, very important a easy mode, lot's of weapons that looked very futuristic and a final boss with objectives.

My question is :
Can you guys please tell me about maps that have , most importantly , EASY mode, and a final boss  ?

Me and my friends, haven't managed to finish many maps. And the ones that we did where with buyable endings. Not much fun and most of the time, for us, almost impossible to finish.
Would love to hear your ideas