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Title: Game constantly crashing? Mod related?
Post by: TheSlavSquat on August 29, 2016, 10:29:09 pm
I recently downloaded the UGX mod folder, and everything was working fine for the first few days. But for the past couple days I can neither open CoD WaW from the file in "My PC" nor from the shortcut on my desktop. (I have the disc version of the game if that may have something to do with it.) It will, however, open the game  if i take my disc out and reinsert it. I click on "Solo and Co-Op" and I'm at the final mission "Downfall". I click on it, it will then play the cinematic scene and the audio of Chernov speaking in the load screen. But then it will freeze, black screen, back to load screen, black screen, then crash. I've un-installed the game and reinstalled it but it kept doing the same thing. Did the mods do this or has my disc been corrupted?