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Is it possible to change the announcement voice, and mystery box sounds?

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Created 5 months ago
by KidJGaming
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I'm starting off small to modding, nothing much, simple sound replacements, and I can't figure out how to change the mystery box secondary teddy bear laugh, and the announcement voices to something different. Does anybody know how, or have any tips and/or guides? Any and all help would be great;y appreciated.:(
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Yes they can be changed, i haven't looked at the mystery box's laughter sound but i know how to change the announcer voices.

1. Take the _zombiemode_audio.gsc from raw/maps to your mapname / maps
2. Scroll to init_audio_aliases() and then take a look here

theres this line  - level.devil_vox["prefix"]     =        "zmb_vox_ann_";
and under this line there are other lines for the powerups

level.devil_vox["powerup"]                                        =        ;
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["carpenter"]                            =        "carpenter";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["insta_kill"]                        =        "instakill";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["double_points"]                        =        "doublepoints";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["nuke"]                                =        "nuke";
        level.devil_vox["powerup"]["full_ammo"]                            =        "maxammo";

so to change the sounds, pretty much what you need to do is to make new alias lines for each powerup or whatever you want to change. Let say i want to change the carpenter sound, i would name the alias - zmb_vox_ann_carpenter - in other words, Prefix + the powerup


In my case i added _klevi to kinda personalize it. but ignore that part for now.

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