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looks awesome man , loved origins on bo2 , origins is my favorite zombie map , can't wait to see your map  , sound like its gonna be great  ;D , and if its not asking too much could I beta test it ? or is it going to be a donate beta ? , regardless wish you the best of luck with this map
1638 days ago
map looks awesome , hate to see people quit making waw custom maps though , love bo3 , just hate you have to connect to internet to play zombies solo , sometimes my connection gets crazy some days and have to reset , so when that happens its nice to have waw custom maps to play , bo3 should have had an offline zombies solo play for pc , but anyway going to miss it , I know waw has been out a long time , just hate to see custom map making for waw retire .
1647 days ago
personally i love exo zombies , and treyarch zombies , and the fact that you are remaking outbreak it for waw , it makes me beyond excited  ;D , cause I can finally play that map solo without internet , and with friends coop , I can't wait to see your remake , wish you luck
1687 days ago


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