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is this still being worked on ? hope so really been hoping to someday get to try it out, really looked good from the pics I've seen and hope all is going well.
676 days ago
so is this still going to be worked on ? nothing personal but not a fan of the bo4 five remaster would rather just have it on bo3 and use the five crew mod, just wondered if this will be worked on anymore ? 
676 days ago
just wondered but is this still being worked on ? also loved the map soo far man , wish you well with your project and look forward to playing it.
926 days ago
looks and sounds awesome man , if you are talking about the waw hanoi zombie map , then awesome , or if not still sounds awesome,  just a suggestion but to match the setting maybe use the shangri la or shi no numa bo3 chronicles zombie models for this map , would match the jungle / swamp like environment , just a suggestion , and content sounds awesome man , wish you well with this project and hope someday in the future to try it out .
1046 days ago
played this from the workshop , though it was missing a pack a punch area , really enjoyed the map , just wondering though , why did you take it down ? , just wondered and awesome job man wish people made more really good maps like this.
1046 days ago
love your map man only 1 thing though is there a pack a punch ? if not I wish there was..... other than that its an really good first map man.
1125 days ago
wow if your map is anything like the waw crystal lake I really look forward to it , just a suggestion but maybe the red eyed gorod krovi zombies would be cool in the map or hockey mask zombies would be pretty cool , don't know how hard that is but just a suggestion , wish you well with the map man.
1125 days ago
been wanting a bo3 five remaster , nice say if you can could , could you maybe add nova crawler zombies and possibly the commando to the box , would really like it if you could and wow look forward to the final product looks awesome soo far man.
1160 days ago
great , looked forward to this but at T4M you lost me , I have the disk version of waw , so ......sorry man
1457 days ago
1 of if not my favorite black ops 1 zombie maps , wish you luck on the ascension remake and maybe for a few custom weapons , just an idea , could you add the rpk , aug and the commando maybe , just a suggestion .
1482 days ago
please don't add t4m , I have the disk version of World at War , so as fun as the T4m maps look , I can't play them and there is no way I am buying World at War twice , also love the encampment map btw , play it pretty often , love fighting the origins zombies and love the custom weapons .
1500 days ago
looks awesome , can't wait to play this map , always love a mob of the dead style map , with the red eyed prison bo2 zombie models , custom guns and the map looks like its going to be a nice sized map , looking forward to this   :) 
1623 days ago
wow....  :o looks awesome man , wish you luck , and can't wait to try this map out , huge fan of the mob of the dead map , so wish you luck with this project
1675 days ago
awesome job man , love the map , I play gmod a little myself , liked construct soo much , but hoped someone would make a zombie construct map , almost made 1 with hammer for gmod , a wave survival with the hl2 zombies , but this is better , really like the pack a punch skin , and the map is caged in pretty well , a bit easy but , construct is a big open map so that considered you did very well caging it in , wanted to say you did a good job man , like the custom guns , keep it up man  :)
1698 days ago
awesome map man , love your other maps as well , always great , been keeping up with this 1 for awhile , and have to say you did an awesome job man  ;D
1732 days ago


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