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The Create-a-Class functionality in Black Ops 3 is controlled via stringtable. There is one for each gametype, Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Zombies.

Treyarch didn't include the files, so I've done some finagling ingame and reconstructed them so we can use them in mods.
1411 days ago
You need to use the spawnActor function.

SpawnActor(<AIType>, <origin>, <angles>, [targetname], [forcespawn], [fullyaware], [spawnerEnt])

For a Margwa you'd pass "spawner_zm_zod_margwa" as the AItype. For ...
1411 days ago
If you assign a function to level.max_zombie_func you can override the result from that function.

To do that, you'd add something like this to your mod/map:

function main()
    level.max_zombie_func = &myCustomFunction;
1415 days ago
Did you download the additional assets? If you haven't, go to the mod tools entry in Steam, open Properties and under the DLC tab is the entry for the additional assets, tick it and the download will begin.

Otherwise, you can also use something like Wraith to grab xmodels from the ot...
1418 days ago
This tutorial will cover how to add a custom gametype to the Set Game Mode list in Custom Games. This is only for Multiplayer mods.

In your core_mod.zone, add the following:


In your mod fo...
1419 days ago
The function specific_powerup_drop let's you spawn a power up the world at a specific origin.

level thread zm_powerups::specific_powerup_drop( "nuke", origin );
1446 days ago


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