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didnt work but is there a way for me to delete that map
2783 days ago
I'm going to try running UGX map manager as admin and see what happens. I think that will work because last time i tried it didn't ask me where i wanted to download the map to.
2783 days ago
anything specific that i should look for?
2783 days ago
I found a error when i downloaded it i go into the game and load the map and starts loading like normal but then goes back to the menu and said to goto console for details and i did and it said:

server script compile error
unknown function
level.door_dialog_function=maps\_zombiemode play_door_dialog
2783 days ago
so you think hes trying to troll me and take the credit for map and video or just video
2829 days ago
sorry if miss read i meant i will wait for him to edit it or what ever so i can wait it fine if i wait.
2833 days ago
so hes a video editor ok idc i can wait after im done with it for you to tell him or what ever.
2834 days ago
who is tht some one tht will play or make a vid about it.
2834 days ago
you will beta test it thanks ill have to find couple more unless you want to just ply it you and me
2834 days ago
ok thanks i might have you beta test it :D if you want to and have you heard from the guy i was working on it with?
2834 days ago
Dam ive have been taking a break from rust for some time but when i was acctually working on it, i was working on it for about 3 to 4 months. and only have a little to go
2834 days ago
sick dude should make another sweat map like it
2834 days ago
sweat map i mean holy sh!t!!
2834 days ago
sick dude
2834 days ago


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