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Does anyone know what its called or a link to a tutorial on that cinder effect. Its that one where its like "snowing" little cinders, idk what its called or how to implement it
106 days ago
I got it ty
108 days ago
That fog doesnt really work with the aesthetic im going for, I kinda want like the fog on verruckt, where its like a brownish color
109 days ago
Hello if anyone could help be create fog I would be very grateful, ive looked through all the past topics on this site about it, with the mapname_art thing, and the the cod5 wiki tutorial, and various other posts, but i cant seem to make it work. I want to make fog around my map but not in the middl...
110 days ago
Thanks man
1679 days ago
       I don't want to sound like a sob but.. I cant map! I literally suck. I am on no joke... my 5-6th map and I haven't released one of them. I just get frustrated with what I have compared to other people. *cough* "Jbird the mapping god *cough*. I lay everything out before I m...
1680 days ago


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