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really good map  :)

Double Post Merge: August 15, 2018, 05:55:39 pm
quick revive is not working  :accepted:

more info
551 days ago
Style - Verruckt
4 - Perks
Buyable ending - 40 000
Easterg Eggs - 3 bears
Electric Trap
Magic Box - 4 Spawn

551 days ago
why release an old version?

because they are different
586 days ago

this is an old version of this ->

586 days ago

This update nazi_zombie_slow (v1.1 prototype style) to "verruckt" version v1.2
Magic box
4 Perks
Music easter egg (3 bears)
Message easter egg  (radio)
Electric Trap
Buyable power switch (buy for 3000$)
Bouncing betty mines
Zombie riser
Hiden door

592 days ago

596 days ago

596 days ago
Ville88 back at it again!


Double Post Merge: July 01, 2018, 08:48:12 am
Looks so good, but put full BO3 weapons! ^^

596 days ago
A - you cannot spawn script structs (spawn struct is a ‘data structure’ )

B - assigning Kvps would do nothing anyway apart from assign stuff - that doesn’t just ‘make them work’

C - can’t play a sound on a struct - because it’s not an entity

sad. Thanks

599 days ago
Why the hell are you doing this by script? Things like these are already be played in other scripts.
If you want to play sound on them you can better search for these entries and then do something.
From what I read here you are doing double work? Show me more examples of what you really want.

working example:


mn = getDvar("mapname");
case "nazi_zombie_death":
level.riser_spot = [];
level.riser_spot[0] = spawnstruct();
level.riser_spot[0].origin = (848,432,64);
level.riser_spot[0].targetname = "zombie_rise";
level.riser_spot[0].script_noteworthy = "riser_door";

level.riser_spot[1] = spawnstruct();
level.riser_spot[1].origin = (880,504,64);
level.riser_spot[1].targetname = "zombie_rise";
level.riser_spot[1].script_noteworthy = "riser_door";

level.riser_spot[2] = spawnstruct();
level.riser_spot[2].origin = (152,480,64);
level.riser_spot[2].targetname = "zombie_rise";
level.riser_spot[2].script_noteworthy = "riser_door";

level.riser_spot[3] = spawnstruct();
level.riser_spot[3].origin = (296,456,64);
level.riser_spot[3].targetname = "zombie_rise";
level.riser_spot[3].script_noteworthy = "riser_door";

level.riser_spot[4] = spawnstruct();
level.riser_spot[4].origin = (296,552,64);
level.riser_spot[4].targetname = "zombie_rise";
level.riser_spot[4].script_noteworthy = "riser_door";
599 days ago
Now I only see "struct_sound" what else do you need?

I need to add a "script_struct" to a map supported by all "kvp" (example: riser spawner or sounds)

I lost the source of the map. and I need to add a couple of sounds and spawn for zombie riser
as well as "script_struct" for the buyable barricade
600 days ago


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