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"stand alone" limit of 400 errors. I added two effects (fog, fire) using "easy fX."
2162 days ago
how to fix the texture of the hands, in "standalone_v14" mod?
2163 days ago
possible to make a auto - Turret that active after turning power? (like "Black ops Kino Der untoten")
2164 days ago
Style - verruckt
Easter Eggs
Power Switch system
Audio FX System
Audio FX Electric System
Detailed map

Find all the easter eggs and secrets. Barricade the windows! Turn on the power. Open a secret door with supplies.
Solve the mystery of Dr. Maxis. Follow in the footsteps of Samantha.

Thanks for help:
All from
zombbiemodding forum
cybercod (tochka) ru
All UGX member and forum team
Customcod forum and resource
Cod5zombie and Triple-Mgame forum

Download link:

2165 days ago


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