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Fixed the alien text again, not the UGX font though. Singleplayer button works, spawned, still no weapons on walls or hands.
1707 days ago
Well now the singleplayer button works, but now I've got alien text again, and like a second after loading it brings me back to a screen in the game which I'm sure says some sort of error :/
1707 days ago
Not sure if it'll work for you, but what fixed my issue was when I would use project mover and any time I had to move files somewhere, I waited for the text saying "files moved with no errors [time]  - Files Moved: 2" to go away. After it went away, I would either save my file, or just close it. So far, I haven't had the alien text again.
1707 days ago
So, originally I had an alien text problem but I seemed to have fixed that, although it's the world at war text. No biggie. My issue, is that the single player button doesn't work, and when I launch the map through /devmap I spawn with no hands, can't knife, but can throw grenades, and there's no ugx weapons. The spots where they're supposed to be on the walls, are just white squares. I've rebuilt the ugx_mod folder and used the Project Mover to move the .ff file, and still, nothing.
1707 days ago


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