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Quote from: CesarikYT link= date=1481409847
Ummm, dude, the download link is wrong, is for bo1, the correct is this one!SYsiiaDQ!ZVxoy82zUEIie0jzFp2fpeCuNHKBMRLhffwxdMdAp54, can you modify the post plzzzz, i cant
Fixed - in the future just use the Report Post button to let us know you need to make an edit. 
1076 days ago
Can you exlplain what this does? And what you changed? The first thing I notice is that the contrast and gamma look messed with.
1077 days ago
Quote from: BraXi
That error is due to using SetText() (or whatever equivalent BO3 has) with non-localized string. It will accumulate till the overflow happens.
Thanks but honestly that's not going to solve the issue and I'm already aware of how the caching works. I'm not storing my numbers as integers, that's the whole point. The numbers get larger than the MAX_INT in WaW and even BO3, and in BO3 they format the int into scientrific notation after you get high enough, which is useless. I'm storing strings, there's no way around it unless 3arc updates the exe to supporta 64bit MAX INT. I'm waiting for the mid-December update, they promised a fix for me on Reddit.

Quote from: BraXi
PS. Also hello after more than likely one year absence :)
Welcome back!
1077 days ago
Well I'm a month late, that's awkward.
1080 days ago
Quote from: death_reaper0 link= date=1480987218
is there somewhere i can contact you and send experimental builds to test if the glitch has been fixed, since i cant get it to happen myself
He can't PM you since he's under 10 posts, either discuss it here or he needs to contact you outside of the site. 
1081 days ago
Quote from: Noahst link= date=1480943279
It's the zm_vox.csv. after saving and compiling I receive rhat error for every single sound listed in the .csv. I don't know if it's the editor or some other issue

Double Post Merge: December 05, 2016, 01:17:49 pm

To specify this is a bo3 aluas. I know this isn't fully functional with bo3, but this seemed simple enough
I would venture a guess that it's not going to work with BO3. I don't have time to update it and not enough people seemed to use this program to justify me upkeeping it unfortunately. 
1081 days ago
Quote from: Noahst link= date=1480893598
anyone have any idea what this means? ERROR: no files for filespec? its driving me crazy!
What are you trying to open? 
1082 days ago
Hello everyone - reviving a long-dead topic here. Today we have relaxed the post threshold from 20 posts to 10 posts for new accounts. Once you hit 10 posts you will have full access to site features - I will update the OP with the new info. We will continue to relax these requirements until we start to see spammers become an issue again.
1086 days ago
Quote from: Doodles_Inc
I'm making a map, if I want to put the UGX Mod im my map, what should I do?
If you want to SUGGEST it for people to play your map, you can set it as a dependency on your map's workshop page. That way people will automatically download UGX Mod with your map if they don't already have it. However for people to actually play your map with UGX Mod enabled they need to choose it from their mods list before booting into your map, just like they would do if you hadn't set UGX Mod as suggested. However, we don't currently have a way of forcing UGX Mod to be loaded without the user activating it themselves.
1095 days ago
Quote from: JoshZombieBoy link= date=1478706068
Is it normal that I don't have a xmodel folder in my raw folder? Do I need to run something?
Thats normal, APE/Linker generates that stuff on the fly. Have you done a Verify Integrity on the Modtools item in your Steam tools list? It sounds like you might be missing something. Also make sure the DLC is checked for the Modtools steam item.
1104 days ago
Quote from: JoshZombieBoy link= date=1478977134
I've always loved it, it adds some much fun to the game :) Also, I don't want to go offtopic, but is there a tutorial released how to port guns to BO3 or is there somebody in your great staff team who can make one and put it on the wiki?
Keep up the good work!
We've been meaning to post one but we haven't had time yet - maybe when Luke gets into it he can update our wiki with a guide. 
1104 days ago
Quote from: JoshZombieBoy link= date=1478975444
OMG! My favourite MOD is back, and even better than ever! Question: will custom guns come too? And like older COD guns? For example, I'd love to see the M&S, the Boomhilda, stuff like the Blundergat etc. back in BO3 (and in case people reply "port them yourself": I simply can't).
I cannot wait to see more updates. You are my hero. Period.
Glad you like it! :) We do have plans for some custom guns, last I heard Luke was looking into porting some for the mod. We'll post updates when we get them. 
1104 days ago
Quote from: JiffyNoodles link= date=1478851942
bloody hell, really?
I thought it was "send a PM to Trem or whatever and see what happens" kinda thing, like how I previously tried.
oh well, I guess being a mod does classify as a "job".
It hasn't been that way since we started using Service Desk over a year ago. We just recently took off the application section for moderation since we got more than enough applications but you are still welcome to apply if you like. Luke handles that side of things currently.
1106 days ago
Quote from: SirRetard
First of all, I am really enjoying the BO3 UGX-Mod and will be playing this for a long time! That being said, I have encountered some bugs/stuff that doesn't seem right:
  • GunGame on Gorod Krovi is unplayable due to the fact that the first weapon is... well, i have no idea actually. It says XM-53 with 0 ammo, but it fires two to three green flame bursts and then the weapon in unusable. So you are unable to advance to the next weapon;
  • Purchasing Gobblegums and using those re-rolls the attachments & camos of the current weapon you are holding;
  • The standard powerups are still present and able to be pickup up when performing actions (linking teleporters in TG, calling the tram in DE, etc. ). Not really a bug, but still something to note;
  • One last thing that I find funny is that the MR6 can and will have attachments after you slashed a web (Gobblegum machine in spawn for instance) on ZnS.
These are all that thing that I found using this awesome mod
Keep up the good work! :D
Thanks for the report.

The Gobblegum machines are supposed to be disabled in every gamemode except Classic and Arcademode... so that must be broken on Gorod Krovi?? Have you tested the same thing on Shadows of Evil? I would have tested the DLC maps better myself but I don't own the DLC on PC and I have no intention of spending that much money on something I already own on Xbox lol.

Regarding the standard powerups showing up for certain actions, I can't really do anything about that because they are hardcoded events in map scripts that we aren't given access to by Treyarch. There might be some hacky way to prevent it but I haven't found a way yet.
1106 days ago
Quote from: JiffyNoodles link= date=1478829323
Been asking to be a mod for a while, never get it.
these guys just so happen to still be here, get mod promotion...
ok then :please:
All of the new trial moderators sent applications via our Careers page. We did not get one from you. 
1106 days ago


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