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lol I don't know why I always get the motivation to come back to work on this every spring but here I am a year later messing with it. For some reason the joystick/controller config I had done isn't working anymore, had to order another controller - the d-up and c-left/right buttons are stuck "down" even though I don't see a bridge in the solder pad connection. Once the replacement controller shows up I'll rewire it quickly and then I've also made plans for an external box that will contain two extra controller ports and an AV output so it can be plugged into a TV.
959 days ago
Quote from: JiffyNoodles
lol, I think this is their way of saying "yeah, the chat's dead guys, let's move to discord, which is everything that chat ever aspired to be, and then some."
Not that I'm complaining.
more so i've always hated discord but since people clearly want to use it over ours then we're not going to fight it anymore. saves us the time of fixing the bugs with ours anyway.
962 days ago
Quote from: MaggyOD link= date=1486848874
Why is the EU server of the Manager down? I don't mind downloading from USA with low speed but still
The EU server was provided as a courtesy from Delta but he no longer has the resources to keep it up, so we only have the US server right now unfortunately. 
1013 days ago
Oh shit this is finally out? cheers man I'm sure we will all enjoy playing it! congrats on the release.
1014 days ago
Quote from: MAK911 link= date=1486600295
Can we filter out UGX mod maps as well?
Yep, as well as other mods and tags. 
1016 days ago
Quote from: JiffyNoodles link= date=1486474369
COuld you also include some form of Box-Map Moderation? or is that too much to ask?
With UGXL you can filter out box maps entirely if you want. 
1017 days ago
I just noticed our store had 100s of random products with our logo on them, none of which we ever approved or designed. I've fixed it so that only our personally-designed apparel is displayed which should make it easier for people to find quality products. If you couldn't find our sweatshirt or other products you should be able to now.

Until Spreadshirt's cache updates, you can use this no-cache link to see the corrected list of products:
1026 days ago
Quote from: TTheenderr link= date=1484937231
Hopefully the UGX Chat will gain more activity this year. It may not. But it will be cool if it becomes active like 2-3 years ago.
We aren't sure what the future of UGX Chat is yet, since the usage has dropped dramatically. People have asked us if we intended to have an official UGX Discord channel but so far we aren't too interested in that since it encourages people to chat somewhere other than on our website. If the chat contines to decline we might just link to a Discord server eventually, we'll see.

I know Delta has plans to do a basic rewrite of the current chat to fix a lot of the bugs that people regularly run into but we haven't decided if it's worth the time yet, due to the current low demand. 
1028 days ago
Hello everyone, and happy 2017 :) Hope you are having a great new year thusfar. It's been a while since we've checked in to see how we're all doing. Yes, we're still alive and paying attention ;) Also, a warm welcome to anyone who's new around here and hasn't been with us for very long! If you'd like to learn more about the history of UGX-Mods you can read about it below.

How are we doing? What's planned?
I'd like to get an idea of how UGX-Mods is doing... how well are we serving our purpose for you?

What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? What can we improve? Add? Change? Go ahead and reply to this topic with your thoughts!

We want to continue adapting to serve the ever-changing community that lives here and we can't do that if we don't stay in touch with you - the community <3

You might ask "what is UGX-Mods planning for 2017?" - great question. We want to finish the following projects:
  • Release a redesigned and improved version of our forum design (Project UGXSMF, currently in beta for donators)
  • Release a public version of UGX Launcher which supports WaW, BO3, and potentially other games as well, to rival Steam Workshop.
  • Release a beta version of UGX Play, an online service for the UGX Launcher which can be used via a web browser like Steam
  • Release some kind of simplifed and more usable online UGX Chat, or replace/remove it altogether.
  • Increase the amount of servers we use to better handle the load of all of our users and services.
This is obviously a lot of work. Most of it also relies on the free time of our main developer Alexander 'Delta' Diller, who has a lot on his plate already. If you or anyone you know have lot of C++ or web development/server experience (frontend or backend) please let us know because we are looking for help. Please note this is way more advanced than the average website development, we dont need someone who just knows HTML and CSS. Also as a reminder we have other positions we are looking to fill, which you can find on our Careers page.

A Brief History
  • UGX-Mods was created November 2010 by Co-Founders Andy 'treminaor' King and Jack 'WING3D' Dolley.
  • June 2011, the first project of UGX, UGX Cabin was released. One of the first maps with objectives and difficutly setting.
  • December 2011, the first version of the UGX Mod with the Map UGX Christmas was well recieved by the community.
  • October 2012, map UGX Comosea was released with the UGX Mod.
  • January 2013, the standalone release of the UGX Mod v1.0.3 for other maps created by the community.
  • The UGX Mod was #74 in the "Mod of the Year 2013" contest on ModDB.
  • January 2016, the UGX Mod was #35 in the "Mod of the Year 2015" contest on ModDB.
  • October 2016, UGX Mod was released for Black Ops 3
Our vision
We want to deliver the Ultimate Gaming Experience to everyone!
Besides producing high quality content, we ensure that the community can also create this amount of quality by delivering tools tutorials and help.
We try to constantly improve ourself and listen carefully to feedback from our fans.

What makes us unique?
  • Over 6 years experience in Modding
  • Large & active community with lot's of User Generated Content
  • High Quality Maps created by UGX and by the awesome community
  • Time saving tools, knowledge base and forum for modding
  • Mod download tool, UGX Map Manager and soon replaced by the UGX Launcher
1037 days ago
I'm not all that surprised to see that the Steam workshop is a big trash pile. It's basically a shining example of what it looks like to have a totally unmoderated and unregulated modding community. You can't seperate the trash from the gold and there's no sense of community whatsoever. 

That's why we are still fighting to get the UGX Launcher out there right now in 2017 - Workshop did not serve as a replacement despite our initial fears. Soon you'll be able to filter, sort, and otherwise search through all the maps based on stats/criteria/ratings so you don't ever have to look at 200 Nacht remakes before you find the one everyone likes.
1046 days ago
Quote from: Sharpshooter379 link= date=1483308075
Can someone please help? The game crashes every time I try to load it up with the error, couldn't load image specialty_ads_zombies, and I have downloaded and put the t4m in the WaW base folder.
make sure you've installed all the patches for the game before trying to play any custom maps.  
1054 days ago
Very shortly :)
1062 days ago

nice meme luke lmao

merry christmas to everyone, here's to a sucessful 2017 year. Keep your eyes peeled for the Forum update - that's coming hot down the pipeline right now. Should be the first thing to get released nin 2017, followed closely by the new UGXL.
1062 days ago
Quote from: All0utWar link= date=1481619573
The tools are getting another update in the middle of this month? Awesome stuff if that's the case. 
Supposedly. Don't hold your breath. 

Quote from: All0utWar link= date=1481619573
Does it include all of the sound assets and shit?
doubt it lol 
1073 days ago
Quote from: CesarikYT link= date=1481489384
Is not fixed, the mediafire link is ok, it is the correct one, but the download link now is sending me to a ugx beta wierd stuff :v
my bad, fixed 
1075 days ago


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