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Man creator, ive never made a commentary complaining in a custom map or actually anything, but the exo boss, or king, IS FUCKING OVERPOWER, and renaissance would be a perfect mod if u balance him or take him away, i love the a super heavy type zombie, but men, this zombie in my opinion is literally unfair because is so hard to kill him that you need specific weapons to kill him like ray gun MK2, this two overpower shotguns, and i dont remember what are ones                                           the other , you need to balance him or take him away of the mod, an balance idea i could give you is thatones you can lower the zombie health problaby even more week than normal zombies if you want and the zombie can keep all the others super powers and even still make that the wonder weapons doesnt have a effect on him. So please i beg of you to take this suggestion i really enjoy this mod, even this mod makes the ray gun great gun and is my favorite zombies mod so please can you nerf the exo boss/the king or take him away please :(
166 days ago
How can I solve the problem of Missing Shortcut???

567 days ago


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