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@Tenaesaei The issue could be that you have some of my old Infinite Warfare ports. your best bet in that instance is to redownload the energy firing IW weapons from my post you're using.

@conn6orsuper117 Fixed.
 That worked, thanks!
292 days ago
those both will not cause a game crash first of all. the origins_camo one is harmless, and the iw7_efx one seems like you're missing the IW weapon common.

Double Post Merge: June 05, 2019, 03:16:43 pm

 I've redownloaded the IW weapon common a few times, and the error keeps coming up. And when looking through the IW weapon common .zip file, I can't find an instance of a file named iw7_efx_plasma_muz_flash. I think the IW weapon common by itself may not have that file, or the weapon is linking to a file that doesn't exist. 

301 days ago
Hey there! Sorry to bother ya, but after doing some searching I still can't seem to solve these two bugs. These two things are preventing me from having my map work, and I can't seem to figure out what's going on.

^1ERROR: Material mtl_origins_camo_alt was not found in gdtDB ^1ERROR: Material iw7_efx_plasma_muz_flash was not found in gdtDB 
These two materials seem to be causing issues when trying to build, link and run the map, and ignoring errors just leads to it crashing. Know of any solution?
305 days ago


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