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Thanks for that quick answer, yeah I saw those tutos, I also follow
Uptownpapi's ones. But I think you're surely right, I haven't done anything of those elements, I thought we were able to test map without all those stuff, just by placing a spawn point and a playable area.

I'll look for this and see if the problem is resolved.
381 days ago
Hi everyone !
I recently came back on Radiant for WaW and I tried the new version of UGX and I have this problem : when I spawn on my map, textures don't load correctly, I can't move and do any action (look, fire...)
I looked for people with the same problem, but the ones I found wasn't the same textures problems.

The playable area is a trigger_multiple set with  "targetname" "playable_area"



Maybe it's just a matter of compiling, what I do is :
- Compile map_patch
- Compile map
- Compile map mod
- Start map with mod from launcher

Anyway, thanks for any help you can provide :D

381 days ago


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