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How do I get rid of the fact that once you get hit, the zombies stop you/slow you down? I've seen maps without this, is it an easy process or very complicated?
767 days ago
I removed t4m from my map so the map isn't dependent on it. I got the old fx limit error and I removed a ton of fx from a few different files. But it still wasn't enough so I used the UGX Asset Counter and here are the results:
Is this a glitch or do I need get rid of more?
769 days ago
I found the thread code from an old tutorial so the Vulture aid Is Fixed!
(Which files do I erase? and isn't one of them require replacing it? if so, where can I download the original file?)
771 days ago
I cant find his tutorial, did he delete it?

PLEASE dont be lazy and make it unnecessarily need t4m k thx

I installed it a long time ago before I even started modding, is there a way to uninstall it?

Edit: just looked it up, I can't find anything about Uninstalling it... :(
771 days ago
The HUD is fixed, but what about Vulture Aid?
771 days ago
it is not in my mod.csv what line do I put, This? menufile,ui/

771 days ago
1st) I have the latest version
2nd) I know the files are in there(how do you think I found them?), I just dont know how to enable the HUD
771 days ago
1st: The Vulture aid perk doesn't show the other perks or wall weapons(with the struct)
2nd: There are a few files about an Origins HUD( and _zombiemode_origins_hud.gsc) But I don't remember in his tutorial on how to enable it.
771 days ago
It was weird because that's the same warning you get when your not in a zone so idk.
771 days ago
while its compiling and building the mod, have you used harrybo21s perks? If so, How do I enable the origins hud?

Double Post Merge: June 03, 2018, 10:14:25 pm
replacing it did not work

Double Post Merge: June 03, 2018, 10:23:55 pm
im gonna try the "adding another struct" thing

Double Post Merge: June 03, 2018, 10:59:12 pm
It worked!
772 days ago
wait, what if i just replace the zone? Do i do script_brushmodel?
772 days ago
I dont know about the patch it was months ago
Edit: I did do the patch

I edited it
Edit: when we figure this out, its going to be the dumbest answer ever lol
772 days ago
this one: "All Modtools in one Pack: MEGA"
I dont know about the patch it was months ago
Edit: I did do the patch
772 days ago
Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was mad at you.
When you door the door:
For comparison(when you open a different door):
Finally: when you walk into the zone(the same warning you get for not being in a zone):
This is not a script error, the zone is there in Radiant, but not there in-game apparently(I think).
Here is an in-Radiant photo of the zone:
If you want me to, I could make a short video of the zone and the KVPs and stuff
772 days ago


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