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Me again. So far I've found 2, I'll do my best not to spoil the ones I did find, the one at the starting area is easy enough, then the one in the store room was fine, but the last one is so damn hard to find.
I've noclipped all around the map with devmap command and not found it....
186 days ago
Thanks for playing. For pack a punch, make sure you look around the map for three teddy bears. (hint: there is one in the starting area)
Nice one dude, cheers 
190 days ago
It's a fun map, that's for sure.
I just can't find a way to get through the door to the pack a punch.
192 days ago
This is a rough challenge but I like it a lot, haven't come across anything bad yet
194 days ago
This is pretty good, lots of train possibility
194 days ago
Oh yeah, this is good. Cheers for making a V2
194 days ago


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