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In Halo when you scope, your reticle still shows during the scope hence the reason why it turns red when you target an enemy. I don't know how to make the reticle show during the scope in WAW so I left it as is(unless someone knows how, so I can add in).
2056 days ago
I'll add a Mega Link to the OP in a second.


2057 days ago
I'm not too sure. I haven't messed with the hardware side of computers in like 5 years. Someone else may be able to halp ya though.
2058 days ago
First, your card has to be able to accept it.

Second, you'll need an usb vga adapter that'll give ya extra ports. Probably something like this(

Third, Get Program called Ultramon

Fourth, Prosper

This information was given to me by a friend who has triple monitors.
2058 days ago
I got the version with sounds  :gusta:

The one uploaded has soundalias linked to WAW sounds, but just not the official sounds. Also the 357 fire sound and colt reload sounds worked surprisingly good as a replacement. As shown in the second video.
2062 days ago
They didn't rip it from the game, but made their own models and anims, which isn't illegal


Correct. The sounds were ripped so I had to remove them.
2063 days ago
I've ported the M6G Magnum into CODWAW for use in your custom maps. Just follow these simple steps to add it to your map. First Download it here:

Now copy every folder except for weapons to CODWAW_ROOt/raw.
Now navigate to CODWAW_ROOt/raw/soundaliases and find weapons.csv
Paste this at the very bottom:


Now copy images, and weapons folder to your mods folder(CODWAW_ROOT/mods/yourmapnamefolder).
And paste this in the mod.csv:

Now build mod(MAKE SURE YOU TICK EVERYTHING) and start game and use console command to get weapon(give halo_magnum)
If you want to add to box, add this:
include_weapon( "halo_magnum" );
include_weapon( "halo_magnum_upgraded", false );
in dlc3_code.gsc under this:
include_weapon( "zombie_sw_357_upgraded", false );
Then add this:
add_zombie_weapon( "halo_magnum", 						&"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_RAYGUN_10000", 				10000,	"vox_raygun",	6 );
add_zombie_weapon( "halo_magnum_upgraded", &"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_RAYGUN_10000", 10000, "vox_raygun", 6 );

in _zombiemode_weapons.gsc

Under this:
add_zombie_weapon( "zombie_sw_357_upgraded", 				&"ZOMBIE_WEAPON_SW357_100", 				100, 	"vox_357",		5 );

This model is custom made by Moses so this is all legal  :P


Model: Moses
Animation Help: ODX, Rollonmath42

If use in map be sure to give proper credits.



Replaced version video
2064 days ago
6 is probably a picture of a submarine. The submarine may be controlled similar to tranzit bus. Just speculating of his "green run" phrase in the topic subtitle.
2078 days ago
I'm not sure what the problem is then sorry. I guess I would say make sure the weapon and xmodel are in your mod.csv(you already did this), make sure in your dlc3_code and _zombiemode_weapons.gsc nothing is commented out or just recopy then from your raw folder if you hadn't already made modifications to the one in your mod, check inside the weapon file and make sure the world and view models are called, make sure your mod tools isnt corrupted, etc. Im of no help  ::)
2080 days ago
Is it showing the hands with the finger shooter or nothing at all?
2080 days ago
Just copy the converted sounds from the raw->sound to your mods->mapname->sounds folder.  When I was changing announcer, using the default file path location wasn't working. So change the filepath to the wav in the soundalias.

Edit: You could also use your own alias name and change the names in your _zombiemode and _zombiemode_powerups to the ones you've made, just so that all your maps doesn't have the custom announcer in this map your currently working on.
2082 days ago
Man, what is it with Nuketown? It's like there is a curse on it. Either people make and release garbage remakes and are never heard from again or else people can't finish and end up going insane. Just weird.

I given up on my nuketown remake as well. Never made a W.I.P but just know I'm apart of the curse as well :rainbow:
2083 days ago
I don't think anyone should be banned for annoyance. Just my little input.
2085 days ago
Check there are no loose files in your /mods folder. Make sure their are only folders..Think TIDY
This is the most common cause for this error upon launching a map.
Good luck. :)

I had loose files from when I made zips of my maps. Deleted and now his map works. Thanks.
Great Map BTW.
2094 days ago


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