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It's been 13 days since your last update. You need to update the topic by Monday July 20th, 2015 at 11:59PM PST to avoid disqualification.
1859 days ago
Any updates to post?
1861 days ago
Your map has been disqualified from the contest for violating contest condition #7:

7. Maps must be new projects and not a pre-existing WIP, to ensure that the contest is fair. You must release progress updates regularly of your map to prove that you did not start with a map that was already considerably developed in secret.

Feel free to re-enter the contest with a map you have not already started after re-reading the contest conditions.
1867 days ago
If you're going to add some music the jukebox would probably fit great. :D
1868 days ago
<Image Removed>
Be careful about what info you give out. ;)
1903 days ago
lukkie1998 is the winner of Day 3!

Thanks a lot for playing guys, we appreciate everyone's participation. Congratulations lukkie!
1965 days ago
There is a strong difference between providing constructive criticism and just being rude. And in a community such as this positive feedback and criticism are both needed for mappers to become better content creators that can evolve from making what might be mediocre content to content that a community would really enjoy. If someone just enjoys making maps then that's fine, but expecting to post your map on a forum with only positive feedback and no suggestions from others who maybe have a different point of view than the mapper's own on what would make a map good/better is just ludicrous.

If you are posting your map on this forum you are looking to see what others think of the content you have created. Expecting that criticism isn't going to come with that just isn't reasonable. One thing I think needs to be defined is that just because someone didn't necessarily enjoy the experience doesn't mean he's attempting to be disrespectful to the mapper or do anything other than help him become better at what he does.

I can understand what you are saying about some comments that just seem inpatient and maybe as a community we need to discourage this behavior of demanding rather than suggesting but people wanting things different in maps isn't going to disappear, after all we are all different and enjoy different styles. And I believe as long as we're all respectful everyone's opinion matters when judging custom content.
2082 days ago
Huh looks interesting. I'd definitely be up for giving that a try if I get the game.
2082 days ago
It's weird!

After using the Script Placer, I found a file:

C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Activision \ Call of Duty - World at War \ map_source \
Size: 0 bytes.

It was not here before.
Is this normal?
That's a placeholder for the loadscreen which is compiled into a separate FF.
2098 days ago
What do you think? This can be caused by low memory?
4 Gb Ram for map editing.
No it couldn't, I re-created the error so it's something with the program. Like I said I'm investigating now. If you want to temporarily fix it yourself you can remove some FX lines you aren't using from root/zone_source/*MAPNAME*_patch and LoadFX lines from root/mods/*YOURMOD*/maps/ugx_easy_fx.gsc.
2099 days ago
When I generate a Test map in the UGX Script Placer v2.0.1 and I compile it in the Launcher
I get an error message when I start my map in CoDWaW:

Exceeded limit of 400 'fx' assets


I do not understand this.
I just generated a test map. No apply UGX Mod.

What is wrong?
Help, please!
I've confirmed this as a bug, I am investigating further now.
2099 days ago
Just as it is standard in the treyarch weather script the FX is spawned 600 units above the player. I would ensure that the script matches the default output weather script from the script placer. You can try adjusting the height of the spawned FX as well if there's no luck there.
2099 days ago
How do you get to the actual map editing part of it like the screen at 18:51 in the tutorial video?
Well at 18:51 that's launcher that's open. You can open it by navigating to your root/bin folder, right clicking 'launcher.exe' and hitting 'Run as Administrator'.
2100 days ago
You uploaded wrong folder, you should upload one from appdata, not from root
Adding on to this you should probably look at this tutorial as it outlines the whole process from post compilation to posting the topic on the forum.
2101 days ago
Man, my wife and I play coop game like Halo 4, Borderlands 2 and Diablo 3 but it freaks her out too much to have some nasty looking zombies attacking her. It has to do with the way the zombies look and the first person view.
I mean...I still love her though :(
Maybe some modders could collaborate to create a care bears mod?
2118 days ago


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