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Messages - Rorke

open dlc3_code.gsc and look for this

level.intro_hud[0] settext(level.DLC3.introString);

change the bottom 2 as well if you so wish to
10 years ago
They don't / shouldn't have the right to do what they think they can do, it is only because they came into our country and can not accept our laws, they need to go away
if this happens there will be riots murders all that i dont think the brittish armed forces will let this happen TBH but if this does happen then its going to be hell for us all

Double Post Merge: August 22, 2014, 03:23:24 pm
its up to us what we do if we wanna sell our selvs for money then its our choice its not for them to tell us no if we want to play loud music then we can we do what we want to do not up to them......if we wanna kll ourselfs through binge drinking then so be it who the fuck are they to tell us what we can and cannot do they dont like our laws then they can fucking get the fuck out of our country simple
10 years ago
COD: AW? I thought I was looking at an update for Titanfall.
LOL give this guy a cookie :)
10 years ago
ok, lets take a moment to think about the word "COD" it means Call Of Duty.......let that sink in ok now think of the word "Duty" this is a classic example of dev's being greedy with money they know if they put Call Of Duty in front it will sell good regardless of what people say "ohh im not buying this crap" or "fuck this im done" but we all know people will buy it regardless simply because it says Call Of Duty in front of it.....nuff said
10 years ago
bo2 lemon support is here now maybe we can see bo2 ports in custom maps?

ask yourself 1 question is the bo2 lemon support sour? or sweet?

(i coudnt find "off topic" board so i put this here)
10 years ago
isnt this normally what you would put in a custome zombies map? or am i missing the point? O.o
10 years ago
sorry man :(
10 years ago
Love it hahahahhahahaha nice :)
10 years ago
how did you do the fog?
10 years ago
credits list? i dont see one
10 years ago
urmm what is this post all about?
10 years ago
He's changed his name to Rorke.
Rorke sounds better than zombie madness
10 years ago
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