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Messages - Rorke

so i am thinking of buying one of these at the minite i have a factory standard CPU cooler is this one on ebay going to help to give me cooler CPU temps or not? if not what cooler would you suggest? please dont suggest watercooling 
8 years ago
yes and it was not working so i added it on the _patch.csv and it works thanks :D
ohh right ok, gotta remember this for when i do mine :D
8 years ago
have you called it in mod.csv?
8 years ago
ok so i put the pap machine in my map and all im getting is the hand icon same when power gets turned on ive reinstalled all waw's script's from mod tools and prefab's pap isnt working at all

Double Post Merge: July 14, 2016, 11:14:07 pm
i fixed it it appears i must have 1 perk machine and weapon box in my map for the pap to work...........3 years of modding and i didnt know that so much for my modding
8 years ago
+1 ,as always contributing good stuff :)
thanks man :D
8 years ago
Nice work. I'm sure it will help people :) +1.
thanks man :D it took me a while to figer this all out people have been asking me for stuff from bo3 so i thought i would learn it all i know thers other ways of porting bo3 stuff but i found this way to be effective
8 years ago
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8 years ago
Once you get it right it won't take long, takes me max 5-10 minutes to rip and implement into WAW a full set of gun sounds, which isn't too far off doing other weapons.
yeah after doing 2 sounds for the ak12 its actually really really easy i just saw that and thought wow jesus really?
8 years ago
far too confusing carnt follow a thing what offset at what dot loads of dots ill just use pre0recorded sounds this will take far too long

Double Post Merge: June 08, 2016, 10:26:44 am
EDIT: got a sound i was wanting after trying this 4 times over not sure its the complete sound or not guess ill know when i have the rest
8 years ago
ok, so when i launch any map or mod i get unhandled exception caught every single time without fail but if i launch the map via cod 5 mod tools launcher it works how can i make it so i can launch a map from in game?

EDIT: i have fixed this issue its all fine
8 years ago
downloading now ill post a screenshot of the round when i finishe also ill post some bugs and maybe some suggestions ;)

Double Post Merge: May 25, 2016, 10:37:43 pm
unable to play got unhandled exception caught 7 times

Double Post Merge: May 25, 2016, 11:58:03 pm
ok so after i spent about 30 mins fixing the unhandled exception caught issue i was able to play this map

1, dog spawns invisible
2, improper clipped windows
3, zombies climb over invisible barrier?
4, whats with the massive gaps? where the gates are
5, a tad bit boreing on earlier rounds but gets more action in later rounds

i was extremily offended by the "show me your genitals" sound track very offended women are not only here for fucking cooking and cleaning if you think that then you sir are not going to last for very long with a girl

anyway's map could be better
8 years ago
Could check the motherboard it should display an error code. If there's no display then research on your motherboards manual.
i fixed it it was wireless card for some reason
8 years ago
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