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Messages - Rorke

Good luck compiling, lol. I suggest waiting for SE2DEV's release as he has done the most painful part about BO1 mapping already
any ideas on a release?
8 years ago
yes ugx's rules have changed RAW asssets are now allowed
8 years ago
i dont have bo3 tools nor am i going to get them with that said i can try and help as much as possible whats ya settings in asset manager?
8 years ago
How do i make stands or something to hold weapons like the bows in Der Eisendrache and the staffs in origins? Where only one person can have a specific weapon at a time from that weapon holder and when they buy a new weapon, it goes back into the stand
why not port the ones from bo2? much easier than making it your self
8 years ago
plus the way I run my PC it idles at 8GB at any given time lol so I really need the extra 8 to start up the modtools or a game without issues

you can reduce by a ton my pc runs at 400MB idle for ram wise (dissabling themes etc)
8 years ago
i made my first room in the map! i could play it and test it.. Know everytime i try to play my map it always crashes or says a message of random errors every time pleasee helpp
i would help but i still carnt launch the tools
8 years ago
From someone banned, ill wait till other's download just in case of virusing :P
if it had a virus do you really think i would post it?
8 years ago
ive tried launching the mod launcher it fires up the raidiant button dosnt work when i go to create a new map it says no map templates i tried to launch radiant black starting image comes up for a few seconds ten closes and nothing after that ive tried launching the tools via the .bat file cmd comes up for half a second then goes away
8 years ago

  • Mediafire Download Link

  • NGcaudle is banned and asked me to upload this.

  • Die Festung has been in the making for a while, mainly because I have put it off a lot due to being busy. I decided to make sure it was playable and release it since bo3 mod tools just got released the other day.


  • Map Details:

  • Bo1, Bo2, And MW3 Weapons

  • Bo2 Knifing

  • WaW, Bo1, Custom Perk/Bo1 Style Perk Bottles    (No Perk Limit)

  • Origin Player Models/Viewhands/Hud

  • Kino Style Teleporter

  • Buyable Ending

  • Double Points Work On Drops

  • Bo3 Perk Point System (prone = 100)

  • Removed Dogs



  • Credits:

  • NGcaudle – Mapping/Model Porting/Custom Models

  • Rorke – Weapon porting/Player Viewhands

  • Harry Bo21 – Perks/Weapon

  • DidUknowiPwn – Hud

  • Steviewonder87 – Upgraded Weapon Camo

  • Tom BMX – Buyable Ending

  • Aidan – Kino Style Teleporter

  • Jr-Imagine – Perks



  • Thanks For Testing:

  • JZKitty

  • Rorke

  • Mentality_420
  • UPDATE: Map no longer needs T4M
8 years ago
from what i understand the CPU Die is the location that transistors are located, so basically where your physical cores are located in the CPU.

as for running at 75 degrees, for most CPUs that should be ok but is pushing the higher end of its safe operating temperature especially for longer period of times. its best if for longer periods your CPU doesnt get much above 60-65.

if your'e running a laptop its much more common to be running that hot but if youre on a desktop you should probably look into why its getting that hot
well considering my cpu is meant to run at 40 idle (100c max temp) ill be lucky to run chrome with the temps you gave
8 years ago
what is CPU DIE? and whats acceptable temprature for it? mine reached 75c after a few hours on BF3
8 years ago
im just throwing it out there but you tried using IW viewhands? or was you using treyarch's? if your using treyarch's try IW's might help just a thought
8 years ago
great to be a part of this amazing community
8 years ago
im not happy to say this but im downloading going to play it why not its been released 1 million FPS incoming
8 years ago
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