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Messages - Rorke

happy birthday to you..........happy birthday to you happy birthday to beam happy birthday to you........that good? ok?
7 years ago
this is the type of map ive been looking for excellent map :)
7 years ago
Hello all how to Exported cod ghosts map xmodel?

-Trying Tom BMX Lime64 not load map xmodel

-trying wraither not load map xmodel

can help me please
well wraith tells you when you select the game in the list thats its not supported so even trying it was pointless also lime64 dosnt work with ghosts you can re-download the tool from toms site and see if he fixed it but not sure other wise you can just wait till wraith supports ghosts or use other means to get the models such as ninja ripper or such likes
7 years ago
you might of not put in dog spawners but if you dont dissable the dog round via script it will still trigger the dog round but no dogs will spawn
7 years ago
no idea ive been modding 3 years and not yet seen a map with a fully loaded loading bar
7 years ago
so lower the res on the game
no your computers display the loading you carnt fix
7 years ago
all custom maps do it also try a res of 1920x1080 looks like your running a res of 1366x768
7 years ago
merry christmas guys have a one :D
7 years ago
so, you used the tut map, stacked it, and called it a day?
wow, why am I still surprised that people still palm this off as their own work.
im just speechless lmao i.......i.......urrgg could of at least changed the textures at most damn i could do this in 5 mins
8 years ago
so here i have a 2nd hand gtx 650 t.i boost 2GB of GDDR5

here is the stock settings:

frame rate target is set to 0

is there anyway i can overclock this card thats stable? without increasin the core voltage
8 years ago
Okay lol, except that it's literally coded so that if you aren't in a player volume you die.
i think im done here you code something like that and wonder why it dosnt work properly hmmmmm im done here
8 years ago
But is your starting zone set up properly is the question. Make sure that whatever zone your player spawns are in is the same zone listed here inside your mapname.gsc:
Code Snippet
   //Setup the levels Zombie Zone Volumes
   level.zones = [];
   level.zone_manager_init_func =&usermap_test_zone_init;
   init_zones[0] = "start_zone";
   level thread zm_zonemgr::manage_zones( init_zones );
its got nothing to do with zones i dont have any zones in my map and it runs fine check that you dont have death triggers on the floor
8 years ago
ow would i obtain sprint anims from infinite warfare? ive had a look in wraith and found 0 sprint anims or is it just idk some sort of offsets combined with idle anim? ive noticed its got the bobbing effect when sprinting same as idle anim has anyone any ideas?
8 years ago
Hey Guys,

I got a new pc and re-installed modtools, but now when try to open radiant, I get a new window that wasnts me to open a .prj. There is only one .prj file there called codwaw.pjr, and selecting that doesn't work either. Any help is appreciated, I really want to start on my new map.


I don't know why but after trying to open it like 20 times it opened.
yeah waw tools are buggy
8 years ago
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