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why not?????!?!??!?! lol
2062 days ago
well it might be alot, i want some bo perks,  poss. ugx mod 1.0.3(i might mess up something), just an all around double checking of my work (i can bet will need the most help)  i have all the files i need by the way

Post Merge: October 25, 2013, 05:45:02 pm
by the way not the special modes with the ugx mod but just some weapons n boss i think
 lol im kinda unsure at the moment...
2062 days ago
hey my names joe. i wanted to find someone that would do the scripting for me like i make the map how id like it then have someone else poss. you  ;) fix/ do all the scripts  is this a poss. it wouldnt be for like a month cuz my girl uses the comp alot so my time on heres limited lol   i dont no if you think its a poss. for you or someone you know let me know i can give my ideas n whatnot
2062 days ago
cound not find script 'maps/_zombiemode_dogs' maps\_zombiemode_dogs::special_dog_spawn(dog_spawners,1)
2062 days ago
thanks for the reply ill try it and one other thing in game font is wild as hell .... donno why ?
2063 days ago
hey if anyone could check out the 3rd video at 11:55 could you look and see if you have any ideas to why my IWD file list looks nothing like that so you no when you look my IWD file list only has one thing     mov.csv thats is ... not 20 like the video. i would be so damn thankful
2063 days ago
looking good how long u thinking?
2076 days ago
add tons of preabs nobody uploads them and if you could add a buyable raygun and waffe prefab please
2112 days ago


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