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could you link me a tut for this, or explain to me how to hide sections into layers?

Cubic Clipping should be enabled by default and it just culls entities that are out of a set range for your 3D view.

To enable it go to:
View ---> Cubic Clipping (all the way at the bottom of the drop down menu)

1338 days ago
so my radiant is getting laggy, an is making it harder to place models an objects etc. when moving things its choppy an skips alot. is there a way to increase the usable resources for radiant, like how much ram is used for it or something?>

I am sure there is some things you can do on the hardware end but, its much easier to just use the the hide functionalities built into Radiant including cubic clipping and Layers. I used to design maps on incredibly low end hardware and in order to get no lag I would just hide the sections of the map I was not working in using layers.
1338 days ago
Idk how tf to use this confusing ass site sorry

1380 days ago
Hey just wanted to report some bugs after my first few plays as you said you would come out with an update soon:

-On co-op my friends and I were on round 25 when the game just restarted out of nowhere...Never seen this happen in any map before so I do not really know how else to describe it. No game over screen, no sound que.

-Red/Dark screens after co-op revives that do not go away for some time (may be intentional)

-Hint string breaks sometimes after high rounds on co-op

My friends absolutely loved this map and it is a blast co-op,  my girlfriend even loves playing it too. I hope the random restart bug is able to be fixed I am hesitant with playing for high rounds again because of it.

1391 days ago
Been watching this map develop on YouTube for a while now, congrats on the release c.h.n!  :)
1394 days ago
Make your scripts nice and neat. Drag your script onto the tool and it will fix bracketing and indenting making your script pretty for all to read.

This tool will overwrite your original file.
Always backup scripts before using this tool.
If your script has errors in it, don't use this tool, it could make it worse, fix the errors first.

Hey this is cool thanks man!  :D
1471 days ago
Try set Vertex Normal (Select all the meshes first ^^)

Maya 2012:

(Image removed from quote.)

Maya 2016:

(Image removed from quote.)

okay well this works! but it loses its reflective surfaces. It also looks like that in radiant. any fixes??

1478 days ago
Okay so this  ^^^^ only works in some cases it turns out. I still cannot get over half the models I made to import for some reason. Even after setting my normals correct. My models import into Unity just fine so I need another suggestion if anyone has anything to offer up  :)
1479 days ago
try averaging your normals in maya

You're a god.  :D what did you mean by averaging normals? I am not familiar with that. But after a quick google search for it 'smooth' came up so I smoothed the model and it finally imported! just does not look how I want it to
1486 days ago
So I cannot seem to get my custom models that I create in Maya to work in the APE. Now I have been successful getting models out of maya and into APE but they are not the detailed custom models I create. They are simple things such as primitive cylinders and boxes and such. This leads me to believe that my models are too complex to import (unlikely) or that my modeling technique is not good. I make all my models out of one primitive meaning I extrude them many, many times to get the desired shapes I want.

Here is a video of what happens. I am baffled and this is important as this is for a 3D modeling and animation class project. any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

here are some of my models.

1486 days ago
Is it just me or are patches in 2D hard as hell to move in BO3 radiant?

I know there is a patch thicken option in preferences but it still doesn't do much. Is there a way to get the manipulator handle in 2D view?


Is there any way to increase selection sensitivity? or something/anything. its very frustrating
1508 days ago
Cool style! Really interesting approach  :D
1552 days ago
The clown zombies are freaky man.
1572 days ago
Hey guys!

I'm finishing up my Alcatraz map but I have a quick question. I have some doors that can only be opened from one side but my problem is that players can still open them from the other side. I have the trigger on one side and the door is clipped. How do you stop players from being able to see/use the trigger through the door/wall?



how thick are your brushs/clips for the door? I have never had this problem before with the same situation as you described. if push comes to shove just move the trigger slightly away from the wall or make a control panel or something away from the door that the player uses instead of going right up to the door
1572 days ago
It might have something to do with you not making each script_brushmodel by clicking script-->brushmodel in the right click menu. In my experience if I would highlight a bunch of different objects at once and make them script brushmodels they wouldn't show up in game. Don't know why but if you just delete what you have and re-make it they should show up (at least that's what I do when this happens)
1590 days ago


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