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fx/mkii_flash_view_upgraded.efx.efx not found

.efx.efx that looks like a typo. :p

ERROR: xmodel 'mkii_impact' not found

did you confirm you have that xmodel in ur xmodel folder?
1726 days ago
Yea that one - I think

I remember coming across a bunch of em that didn't work, pretty sure that one did

Alright, I'm not sure how the rippers are with VAC some COD games have, since, atleast ninja ripper, uses a dll directx wrapper or an injection.
1726 days ago
yeah i did everything its not updating in the iwd need to find a solusion for it

You don't need to add them to the iwd.

You just backup and put the ui files in root/raw/ui (NOT root/mods/mapname/ui) and add


to mod.csv

Edit: Also make sure if you have a line commented out in mod.csv, make sure you add a space after the // comment or else it ignores the next line.

Edit2: If this doesn't work then not sure. Sorry.
1726 days ago
how do i add in a option in the main menu for it to be toggled?

EDIT: so i found out (by liam) that the option is already there but now the option isnt showing up in game

following have been done:

added the .menu files to mod.csv
installed everything correctly

Did you backup and replace the menu files in raw/ui and included them?
1726 days ago
There's another called ninja ripper fx or something, that does support 64 bit, think some of the old dev team branched off into that.

3D Ripper DX?
1727 days ago
compat mode is a funny one, some people seem to need it, others dont

Think it depends on your version of windows, what updates youve allowed it to install, and probably various other factors

generally speaking, anything located in "program files" should be accessed as admin, as windows employs protection on that folder to prevent tampering

What happened to me is that i randomly got that HUNK 256 error thing and no matter what I did, even restarting, I got the error. But then I took linker_pc.exe out of compatibility mode and everything is fine.
1727 days ago
huh great! love problems that dont have an exact answer.

since its an .exe (linker_pc.exe) would be help to have it run though compatibility mode for xp service and as admin?

setting it to run as admin can prevent some issues, compatibility mode maybe. I came across a few issues setting the compatibility mode before.
1727 days ago
Is there a way to allocate more memory to linker_pc.exe?

It's generally just a weird error. It can happen even if most of your memory is free. It probably wasn't the cause since usually the error is something like


this usually happens if one of the following :

* A instance of cod is still running in the back ground, which is fairly common. Open task manager and youll see some random cod file running in there, although the game is not running

* A Steam update is pending

* you are doing too many things at once, the compiler ran out of memory part way through ( Prob a million internet tabs open or something )

* Something just generally messed up, requires a pc restart

* Sometimes just need to close and reopen launcher

* Some people report getting this error if they have Assman or Assviewer of FX editor open at the same time. I get it with FX viewer, so need to close it before compile. But others reported the Assman being open problem to me before, It just doesnt happen to me
1727 days ago
So like i said this has happened before. And it just fixed it self over time.

Well after trying to compile it about 15 times it worked..... cant explain why. didnt change a thing.

dont know what to tell you but i'll still send you the files if you want to look at them maybe see something that might be causing the issue

That sounds like, if you generally didn't change anything, it was a memory issue where the linker_pc.exe didn't have enough memory to run, but usually there is a specific error for that. Oh well. xD
1727 days ago
that sounds beyond my mapping abilities. I personally don't think it has to do with brushes or leaks cuz it happens with all maps if trying to be compiled. I have tried old back-ups which i know are able to be compiled but dont work, installed the mod tools again with the same error. thats whats makin me think it has to do with my actual computer or something.

maybe your willing to try and compile my map and see if it works?

sure, i can give it a go. PM me.

Edit: or add me on skype. "live:progamerzftw"
1727 days ago
I found this, this might help.

Your map has a hole in it, called a leak. Image that your map is a small snow-globe world, and the area you want to see is going to be filled with water. All the entities MUST be inside the water. If it finds a hole to run into the void, everything goes to hell.

What you need to do is to load the point-file (.lin) generated when you compile. Problem, when the compiler is finished it deletes the file.

Have 3 things open:
You map ( in Radiant
The Map_source folder containing
Level Compile window

Read this section first, so you know how to do this. As soon as you click 'Compile Level', switch to the map_source folder, select the .lin file, and copy and paste it. When the compile is finished, it should of deleted the old file. Rename the copy back to MAPNAME.lin, then switch to Radiant.

In Radiant, with your map open, click File > Pointfile.

The redder the line, the closer to the leak. Follow the lines to the hole, if a burning red line goes through a brush into the void then delete the brush and try again.

Complicated, but a good (I think) habit to get into when leaks are not obvious and brushes appear to be flush.
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1727 days ago
Your images are hard to see with that giant white border. What happens when you hide "Structural" brushes. (just incase)
1727 days ago
Does the gun show properly in Asset Viewer?
1729 days ago
does ninja ripper work on bo2 i need some textures from bo2 only way i can think of is using ninja ripper

Tom's IPAK exporter.
1736 days ago
This sounds like a bad install of mod tools.
1738 days ago


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