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Thanks for sharing, haven't played zombies in ages and really glad to see guys still doing their thing. Big ups to you all :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
997 days ago
Awesomeness!! Thanks for sharing will definitely enjoy this one ;)
1527 days ago
Downloading now!! Thanks for sharing I haven't play zmaps in a while now cant wait to get back to business:D
1551 days ago
Thanks for sharing!! Downloading now
1595 days ago
Thanks for the map buddy keep em coming:D
1607 days ago
Yes I see and I will keep trying to download as it looks awesome!! Just wish there was a mediafire link aswell :)

Double Post Merge: April 05, 2015, 12:45:55 pm
I tried a different browser and it worked fine. Thanks again for sharing cant wait to play it :)
1628 days ago
Hi guys are any of you getting issues with downloading this map? My Mega takes forever to open and its only in this mod all the other links mega or mediafire works perfectly.
1629 days ago
Nice, will download now and thanks for sharing :)
1634 days ago
Looks awesome!! thanks for sharing I know its gonna be a balst!
1684 days ago
Thanks for sharing buddy will play it tonight.
1684 days ago
Awesome map thanks for sharing and love all the guns dude it rocked!!
1720 days ago
Thanks for sharing & happy new year!!
1722 days ago
Thanks for sharing and happy new year to all the zombie lovers  :)
1722 days ago
Thanks dude can't wait to play it.
1726 days ago


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