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I use the nuketown zombies, I do not understand why their health does not increase ... it's frustrating

Double Post Merge: May 06, 2019, 07:18:03 am
probleme resolu ;)
219 days ago

hello here is my script, I do not see any difference,

[code]level.intermission = false;
   level.dog_intermission = false;
   level.zombie_total = 0;
   level.no_laststandmissionfail = true;

   level.zombie_vars = [];

   // Default to not zombify...
222 days ago
Hi ! I did not find a solution on the forum!
the zombie do not earn a living when the sleeves are scrolling

224 days ago

I use google translation but sometimes the translation is not perfect!

so I add // to comment but nothing changes : \ thank you for giving me your time :)
257 days ago

Sorry I'm french I can not translate! little you reformulate your post pls :)
258 days ago

yes everything works perfectly except smoking when the riser out of the ground .... I do not know where it comes from! I use Ugx easy FX
258 days ago


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