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Messages - nickst98

it was put in for testing it was found within days of the maps release
10 years ago
i plan to pre order even though it will probably be crap, i mainly preorder for midnight release events, gta launch was awesome, ordered pizza to gamestop at the ghosts launch
10 years ago
Is this what we would get when the season is released on BluRay/DVD? If so are there other scenes that are like this?

DVD is not out yet someone got ahold of the scene early, I would assume its a deleted scene but it could be uncensored on DVD, either way it has made a lot of comic readers happy
10 years ago
Thank you DVD people for revealing the truth
10 years ago
looks great
10 years ago
nuketown in world at war, many have tried many have failed, good luck on this and hope to play it when its done
10 years ago
i actually think this may be good, they are changing it up a bit, it looks like they MAY be using a new engine, also sledgehammer is creating this, they only did design in mw3 they didn't write or make the main features, there could be a new zombies/extinction mode type deal, im gonna give sledgehammer a chance but only one, i will say the name is fucking dogshit though
10 years ago
You're kidding, right? Your neighborhood doesn't allow you to install solar panels? What are they going to do about it if you do?

And I don't know a lot about using a generator for home power but does anyone use them all day as their primary power source? i.e. leaving the power grid and using your generator(s) to provide power to your entire house?

the fine for breaking the rule depends on the size of the object a solar panel would probably go around $5000 and we would have to take it down or they will
10 years ago
Have you considered switching to your own generator or getting solar?

we have a backup generator that runs on natural gas, and our neighborhood has a covenant ( not sure if I spelled that right) so no solar panels or sticktly generators, the backup generator does not cover my room and it takes a minute to start up
10 years ago
I've never had any luck with these, they go bad before you ever even need to use them and then all they do is turn off within a couple seconds of losing power. And then they fucking beep every few seconds until you unplug them -_-

shit, well I need something or I'm skrewed, in Alaska during spring and fall the power goes out at least twice a week for seconds to hours at a time
10 years ago
I'm looking for a UPS backup battery for my PC


corsair cx500

8gb ram

and radeon HD 7870

amd fx8320
three fans plus heat sink fan

need at least two or three minutes of backup power, thanks
10 years ago
sad to see you go, but excited to hear about this new game your working on. please keep us updated with it

yeah I was having trouble keeping up in mapping anyway, couldn't do both
10 years ago
As many if you know I have not been around much, I have decided to quit mapping to work on a game with a friend, fac v2 may or may not be finished, I plan to keep you updated on the game, we just got a unreal dev kit and we are still deciding on a theme for the game, It will be a shooter maybe a zombie game, as I said I will keep you updated and if I decide to finish fac v2 I will let you know.

we should be looking for extra help in the near future for the game
10 years ago
amc should have let them drop the f bomb just this once instead of saying "screwing with the wrong people" would have seemed more fitting
10 years ago
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