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I am using
SetVelocity((x, y, z));
Maybe it has something to do with my map?
1580 days ago
Is there a limit for the "z" parameter in
SetVelocity(x, y, z);
? 1000, 2000, and 10,000 all seem to go the same distance in the air.

Thanks in advance for your help!
1581 days ago
Yep setvelocity and some trig functions  :)
1583 days ago
Thanks! Btw I figured out that you can check movement with

1583 days ago
I was going through the script reference, _utility, and _utility_code, and I noticed that there is only a reference to checking if certain buttons are pressed, like attack, and use, and the generic
only applies for host and appears to only apply for gamepads. Is there a way to check if any button is pressed, like forward, sprint, jump, etc.?
1583 days ago
Thank you,


1584 days ago
I'm still a bit unsure what a vector is. Let's say I set the vector to (50, 30, 10), will the launched object/person go to that point on the coordinate grid, or will they move 50 on the x axis, 30 on the y axis, and 10 on the z axis. Pretty much, is it a specific position or a distance relative from the player/object?
1584 days ago
I am trying to fling a player using Physics Launch, but it does nothing. I'm not sure that I understand the parameters of Physics Launch fully. Here is the code:

player PhysicsLaunch( player.origin, 20 );

Thanks in advance!
1584 days ago
Alright, I made a modified version of the dp28_bipod_stand in AssMan which shoots projectiles called the dp28_bipod_stand_projectile, but when I go to launch the map, I get this error: weapClass in weapon info "dp28_bipod_stand_projectile" for misc_turret must be "turret." This doesn't really make sense to me, as the new asset is just the dp28 with projectile settings.
1585 days ago
Alright, I decided to use the Oerlikon Cannon Turret from the campaign: . Based on this and the available turret types in AssMan, I made a turret with these kvps:
weaponinfo : pby_dual_30cal
model : artillery_usa_oerlikon
classname : misc_turret

and added these lines to my mod.csv:


However, when I touch the turret in-game, I get this error: Missing tag [tag_aim] on entity [64] (artillery_usa_oerlikon).
I assume this means that the oerlikon model is not rigged to be a weapon, but I cannot find any more oerlikon models.
1585 days ago
I'm sorry, it didn't help. Thanks for your help though!  :)
1585 days ago
Hey, I am trying to get a bomb to follow a path based on the Airstrike Tutorial on the UGX Wiki. However, when I am in game and press the trigger, the bomb does not move. Here is my script:

#include common_scripts\utility; 
#include maps\_utility;
#include maps\_zombiemode_utility;

trigger = getEnt("cannon_trig", "targetname");
cost = 1500;

trigger setCursorHint("HINT_NOICON");
trigger setHintString("Press &&1 to start the cannons [Cost: "+cost+"]");
trigger waittill("trigger",player);
if(player.score >= cost)
player maps\_zombiemode_score::minus_to_player_score( cost );
trigger setHintString("Cannons are in action!");
wait 60;

cannon = getEnt("cannon", "targetname");
cannon_path = GetVehicleNode("cannon_path_start", "targetname");
thread maps\_vehicle::vehicle_paths(cannon_path);

cannon StartPath(cannon_path);

And here is a picture of my Radiant:

Thank you in advance!

1585 days ago
When obtaining guns from the box, it seems that I only have one slot and cannot switch to a secondary. However, if I use the give command to force the issue, I am able to switch guns. What is the issue? Thanks in advance for your help.
Video of problem: (Mute the audio it's messed up)
1588 days ago


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