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Thanks for your help! The problem was that I was creating a new copy of the file under my mapname folder and compiling it rather than editing the file in raw\ui itself.
1653 days ago
I just added it, it still doesn't work :(
1654 days ago

I'm trying to add an FOV slider to my map by adding this to the (which I have saved under mapname\ui):
CHOICE_DVARSLIDER( 35, "Field of Vision", cg_fov, 65, 65, 80, ; )

However, it won't change anything in the settings when I check it. What am I doing wrong?
1654 days ago
My friend added a tag_origin and then I scaled it up by selecting it and it worked. Thank you!
1683 days ago
I don't think there are any joints, just a mesh... here I uploaded the file (this one has 50x scale, also ignore the weird name lol).
1683 days ago
My friend made it bigger by using the scale parameters in Maya. First it was all at 1, then 5, then 50. All of these models look the same size in Radiant (and I named them differently in AssMan so I could compare them and make sure I wasn't accidentally using the same model twice). Is this a problem with Maya, Radiant, or me? I can upload the Maya files if it helps.

Picture of scale thingy in Maya:
1683 days ago
Ok thanks. I asked my friend to resize and it still appears as the same size in WaW when I reimport it...
1684 days ago
The modelscale KVP will only enlarge the model in Radiant for me, and not in game. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.
1684 days ago
Thank you! This ^ fixed it.
1693 days ago
if( primaryWeapons[i] == "zombie_tac45" )

I already did this for a separate issue.
1694 days ago
When testing my map in multiplayer, after a player dies out and spawns back in, he does not spawn in with a gun. I've tried looking through the scripts for respawning and I can't find the part where the gun is given back. If it helps, I have replaced the Colt with the Tac-45. Upon initial spawn in, all players are given the Tac-45 and everything functions normally until they bleed out and spawn back. Thanks in advance for your help!
1694 days ago
Okay, I think I'll use
instead. Thanks to all you guys for your help  :)
1695 days ago
Not sure if this is what you mean, but all this shows me are the amount of spawnflags...
1695 days ago
Hi, I just wanted to know what the parameters would be for spawning a trigger_multiple. Something like this
radius = spawn("trigger_radius",origin,spawnflags,radius,height);
except for a trigger multiple. Thanks in advance for your help!
1695 days ago
Thank you! I had tried fixing it by repeating the
SetVelocity((x, y, z));
before but it didn't seem to have an effect. I guess I needed to repeat it more times than I had done before. Thanks again!
1733 days ago


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