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If I don't have dogs do I need any?

Post Merge: March 16, 2014, 09:59:38 pm
Never mind that last thought. I fixed the problem by getting rid of the random dog spawner I had as my map has dogs disabled anyways. Thanks so much for all of your help!
2164 days ago
I put zone_debugger into my map, and the first time I ran it I got this output upon entering the glitched zone (name: zone3) and getting lagged: [Warning: you have placed exactly one dog struct in this zone (zone 1). This will cause a script runtime error unless you have installed the UGX Modtools Patch or place at least one additional riser struct for this zone. Then I made some changes (can't remember what) and this time I instead lagged upon entering zone2 and received the same message from the zone debugger, even though neither of the zones (zone2 and zone3) were the zone referenced in the error message (zone1). I have checked all my kvps and they are fine, as well as my script for the zones.

2164 days ago
So I just created a new area in my map (it has been zoned, path nodes and spawners have been placed and are linked to the door). Whenever I open the door and enter the room for the first time, there is lag as if the game has paused for a second and then it resumes normally. Also, after staying in this room for some time, zombies will no longer be able to make their way over to the room properly and freeze as if there were no path nodes. Even the zombies inside the room freeze! Please help!
2164 days ago
So I was trying to get my zombies to crawl through a hole using the traverse "through_hole_42", but when I try to run the map, I get an error saying "Could not find label 'main' in script 'animscripts/traverse/through_hole_42'". Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
2165 days ago
I want a script brushmodel with a player clip texture to move up at a certain point (so the player can access the area behind it) and go down again later (so the player can no longer go to that area). How can I accomplish this?
2171 days ago
On the UGX Scripting Guide wiki page, it says that COD utility functions can be found on However, customcod is down. Is there any other place where I could see a list of the functions?
2173 days ago
Thanks so much for your help! How would I go about changing those settings?

Post Merge: February 26, 2014, 01:58:40 am
Never mind, I figured it out. Thank you SO MUCH for your help  :) :)
2183 days ago
So whenever I make a brush (completely normal as shown here: ) , and make it a cylinder using the options under the patch tab, it becomes this weird, untextured thing: ). It looks like this while selected: . Also, when I try to select actors or script structs, it doesn't register, making spawners almost impossible to make. My Radiant wasn't always like this, it just started screwing up recently. I've tried reinstalling and redownloading the mod tools and reinstalling World at War, but I still have the same problems. Please help!
2183 days ago


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