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Quote from: Reesep800 link= date=1498785146
>:(   this is literally mob of the dead. just different characters, and maybe different guns. and im sure you didnt spend seven years making this map, mainly because its a straight up waw version of mob of the dead from bo2, every detail in the map is the same. stop lying to yourself.

                       P.S. since when does David Hasselhoff refer to himself in the third person in real life or in movies and tv shows?
Well thats pretty ignorant. I don't think you know the ammount of effort is needed to make a map of this scale from scratch by one person. Theres a difference between constructive criticism and making ignorant judgements.
752 days ago
Am I the only one who actually loves the BO3 engine for zombies? I just really love the how smooth it plays and idk playing zombies just feels right. Also I love sliding over diving. Face it, its cool, but dolphin diving never helped anyone ever besides PHD. I know its not perfect and theres some things missing from modtools, but can you seriously objectivly say WaW is a better platform for modding than BO3, nostalgia aside?  At least you dont have to worry about memory errors and shit after doing the bare minimum. The Future is now, old man. 8)
752 days ago
I unlocked it for you.
753 days ago
Quote from: fidor75
i would love to beta test this map because i've been waiting since day 1 to play this now that its at 99% done i super pumped and if i don't get to beta test it i understand why
Any mapper who is accepting beta testers will have "Request Beta Access" button on their Work in Progress topic. Otherwise, please don't ask.
756 days ago
I simply can't let this topic die...
760 days ago
I would assume it is this:

773 days ago
I appreciate the regular updates throughout this projects development. I'm excited for this one.
802 days ago
Welcome to UGX! The tutorial section of the forum and youtube are a great place to start.
816 days ago
That looks amazing, good work
817 days ago
Welcome to UGX Mods! Always nice to see new talent in the community.
817 days ago
There is a ladder traverse prefab that you need to use for the zombies in addition to your ladder clip for the player.
822 days ago
Is this for WaW or BO3? You posted it in both sections.
822 days ago
Sent you a friend request. Didnt know anybody on this forum played either.

I play a decent ammount of comp, season high is 2800 but im kinna depressed becaused i dropped to 2350 in less than a month so :please:
823 days ago
Quote from: JiffyNoodles link= date=1492410672
All I wanted was for MZSlayer to release his town remake. But he never did.
I reckon you should do it anyway.
I dunno.
I still have all the files on my laptop, my good sir ::) 
I kept you waiting for over 2 years,  mabbe I owe you one lol. I would move it to BO3 at this point but it seems like a hassle.

OP, I wish you good luck on this project because it seems town is cursed. Over a handfull of town remakes have been sarted over the years, mine included, and only one has been released.
824 days ago
Is this for WaW or BO3? You posted in both sections.
824 days ago


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